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Slice like a pro!

This high-grade kitchen slicer is exactly what busy cooks need: an efficient tool that is quick and easy to use. The Tupperware® Mandoline allows you to prep foods like a pro.

Included with each slicer are tips on how to cut eight different shapes and nine precise thicknesses. From flat slices, sticks, diamonds, and waffles to cubes, julienne, crinkle slices, and crinkle sticks, the possibilities are endless.

Unit includes one adjustable folding base with built-in julienne blades, one food guider with finger guard, one straight blade, one wavy blade, and one blade case.


  • Safe to use: Wide ergonomic food guider ensures that fingers and hands are always kept away from the blades when slicing. Non-skid feet allow maximum stability.​
  • Multiple blades: two detachable blades (straight, wavy) and two sets of built-in julienne blades (6 mm, 9 mm) for a multitude of cutting options
  • Multiple settings: one dial for choosing thickness of 1 mm to 9 mm; includes locked position which blocks access to V blade; second dial for choosing julienne width of 6 mm or 9 mm
  • Consistent results: uniform thicknesses for more even cooking and nicer appearance​
  • Professional presentations: Exact dicing and crinkle cuts along with evenly sized slices take your entrées and desserts to the next level. Au gratin potatoes, fruit pies & tarts, salads and more can all look blog ready.
  • Smooth slicing: Grooved surface reduces friction, and V shape blade reduces skipping.​
  • Compact storage: Additional blade attaches to underside of base, and feet fold in.


Dimensions (Metric/US):
Full Product, folded: W 14.6 x H 8.1 x L 35.9 cm
        W 5.7 x H 3.2 x L 14.1 inch

Full Product, open: W 14.6 x H 15.1 x L 39.3 cm
        W 5.7 x H 6 x L 15.5 inch


  • Refer to user manual for detailed instructions.
  • Always use food guider for all Mandoline tasks.
  • Handle blade inserts by plastic side only.
  • Use extreme caution and a brush when cleaning blades.
  • Food guider can be disassembled for cleaning.
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Allow thorough drying of all parts before storing.
  • Keep out of reach of children.


Jazz up your next veggie or fruit tray with crinkle and waffle cuts.

Use the wavy blade to zip through cucumbers for homemade pickles that look as fancy as store bought.

Choose your own blade combo to quickly turn cabbage from your garden into coleslaw or Japanese salad.

At the end of growing season, easily slice and dice excess vegetables to freeze or can for later use.

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