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Grate Master® Shredder Accessory

Grate Master® Shredder Accessory

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Grate large amounts of food with ease and comfort.

Our efficient shredding tool is part of our Fusion Master® System of premium kitchen gadgets and tools. The food shredder is must-have for meal prep, especially for shredding veggies, fruits, nuts, and spices into salads, soups, pasta, and stir-fry dishes. Up your prep game with a professional-grade food shredder!

Master System Base sold separately.


  • Ultra Fast: 2 cones to grate or shred in the blink of an eye. (1kg of potato, cucumber or zucchini is sliced in less than a minute).​
  • Zero cooking experience required! Very simple and safe to assemble and to use.​
  • Mess Free Countertops! Thanks to the geometry of the hopper, food can’t escape.​
  • Healthy Solution to prepare quick and easy salads, garnishing for sandwiches, tacos, gratin, woks, carrot cakes, pumpkin pies and many other dishes!​
  • Quick Recipes: Make a grated carrot salad in a few minutes! With its super-efficient performance, you will not even consider buying pre-grated carrots anymore!
  • Part of the FusionMaster family: The sturdy bonding suction foot is compatible with other FusionMaster accessories. Whenever you buy an accessory in the future, you will only need the extension. (handle and plunger is also common with Mincer)


A part of the deluxe Fusion Master system, the Grate Master Shredder Accessory is a must-have for your kitchen. With two different cones, it’s the ideal food shredder produce to grate and shred large amounts of food all at once. The Grate Master Shredder Accessory is your solution to preparing healthy, quick and easy fruit or vegetable salads, woks, spring rolls, and many other healthy dishes!

Each cone serves a different purpose in terms of shape and texture of the grating results.

Thanks to the Coarse Grater Cone you can:

  • Grate raw vegetables such as carrots, cucumbers, zucchini, beetroot, potatoes, celery root, etc. to make hash browns, gratins, cakes, breads and many more!
  • Grate hard cheeses such as Parmesan or cheddar, to top your savory meals and snacks.
  • Grate chocolate to decorate your desserts and cakes with chocolate flakes
  • Grate boiled egg yolks to make deviled eggs

Use the Fine Grater Cone to obtain a fine shredding result:

  • Prepare fresh, delicious and attractive salads
  • Prepare tasty veggie burgers
  • Shred thin strands of cheese for pizzas, omelets, pastas, quiches, toasted savory snacks, and many more
  • Shred chocolate to decorate your desserts, ice cream, cakes, custards, hot chocolate milk, cappuccino, Irish coffee or milkshake

Product Features:

  • Fast and efficient turning, enabling you to grate large quantities of food at once, with minimal effort.
  • Simply slide the cone in the hopper, screw the handle and put a bowl under it to collect the grated food: the job is done in just a few turns!
  • No mess on the countertop thanks to the geometry of the hopper.
  • Assembly and disassembly is intuitive.
  • Compact storage solution.

Attaches to Master System Base (sold separately).


  • Dishwasher safe
  • Keep out of the reach of children


  • Full Product: W x H 8.6 x L 8.3 Ø cm / W 10.6 x H 21.9 x L 21.2 Ø inch / V
  • Full Product: PP, ABS, POM, PBT, Stainless Steel

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