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Lollitups™ Freezable Forms

Lollitups™ Freezable Forms

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Fun, mess-free ice pop molds!

Get creative and freeze your own homemade, healthy treats with our original Lollitups™ frozen snack makers. Covers double as handy drip shields.

Set includes six ¼-cup/65 mL bases and covers with integrated sticks.


Treat your kids to fun fruit ice pops with our classic molds. Just add your own ingredients: fruit juice or purée, coconut milk, boba tea, yogurt, smoothies –the possibilities are endless! 

They're easy to fill and simple to seal. Like a penguin, Lollitups™ stand on their own two "feet," so there's no need for a separate tray, and kids can even stand them upright on a table while they eat. Their penguin "beaks" clip the molds together for stability in the freezer.

The bases double as handles when it's time to eat, and they catch the drips that flow through the cover for less mess.


  • Fun for everyone: The set is composed of 6 mold bases and 6 covers with integrated sticks.
  • Whimsical design: Stylized penguin shape is fun and functional to hold.
  • Self supporting: No need to use an extra tray to fill Lollitups™ or place them in freezer. The molds stand on their own thanks to their feet and can be clipped to each other by their penguin "beak."
  • Easy to use: Bases have wide openings and Max Fill Line for filling, and covers press into place. For eating, the base becomes the handle and shields hands when ice pop starts to melt.
  • Translucent base: Easy to monitor when ice pops are ready to be released.
  • Less mess: Ice melt falls through the drip-catching holes in the cover and into the base, which serves as a collector.
  • Stay-in stick: The integrated stick inside the cover is large and has openings where liquid can freeze-lock to prevent ice pop from sliding off.
  • Known nutrition: Using your own ingredients ensures your frozen treats have the flavors you want and none of the dyes, allergens, or sweeteners you don't want.
  • Versatile: Make just one or two ice pops when you want to use up the last bit of juice or coffee. Modular design lets you make as many or as few as you want –no empty molds clogging up the freezer.


Dimensions Metric/US:
base only: W 4.6 x H 10.2 x L 5 cm/
W 1.8 x H 4 x L 2 inch

Capacity Volume Metric/US:
65 mL/¼ cup

Material: LLDPE, PPEL

Color: Pink Punch, Sunflower, Icelandic Mist


  • Wash before first use.
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Freezer safe to -13°F/-25°C
  • Not for use in microwave
  • Make sure all parts are completely dry before using them, especially the inside rims of the cover as water drops would freeze and could make the pieces stick together, making it more difficult to unmold - or obstruct the rim, making it harder to engage the cover back into the base mold.
  • Ridge on base serves as Max Fill Line. Do not under-fill as the ice pop won't attach properly to the stick. Do not overfill to allow for expansion in the freezer.
  • Turn the stick downward into the contents, and carefully press on the rim of the cover or on its side tabs to seal. The contents should slightly flow into the cover. This ensures that the ice pop will be well fixed to the stick.
  • Transport to the freezer while still clipped together.
  • When placing in your freezer, make sure the Lollitups™ are stable across the rack or shelf so they don't fall. Uncooperative surfaces may require a flat tray for stability.
  • When placing in a freezer drawer, position them on a flat surface and close the drawer gently so the Lollitups™ don't fall. Brace them with another freezer item if needed.
  • Freeze until solid for at least 5 hours. The more fat and sugar, the longer it takes.
  • Hold base under running water or immerse in water for easy unmolding.
  • Should the Lollitup™ and cover stick too much to the base, hold it upside down vertically under a gently running faucet for a moment, making sure that water runs over the top of the base to defrost the rim.
  • Gently pull the cover by its tabs while slightly squeezing the base when un-molding to have less risk of detaching the stick from the contents. Do not twist.
  • Turn around the Lollitup™ and engage the cover back onto the base mold. The base can now serve as a handle.
  • As the contents melt, excess liquid flows through the holes of the cover into the base. Very thick contents may not be able to drip through.
  • It's generally recommended to eat your homemade ice pops within a week.


Our Squeeze It® Bottles can be helpful for filling the molds neatly.

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