XtremAqua® Freezable Medium Bottle* 880mL (Caribbean Sea)

XtremAqua® Freezable Medium Bottle* 880mL (Caribbean Sea)

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Our toughest bottle ever!

The new XtremAqua™ is our first bottle made with an innovative 100% freezer-safe and unbreakable* material. Challenged and approved by more than 10 engineers and after many drop tests in extreme temperatures from -18°C/-0.4°F°C to +40°C/+104°F! Carry your drink to the office or the mountains, without fear of it letting you down.

*Tested with water and even when frozen (-18°C/-0.4°F) and dropped from a 1.5m/39.4in height


  • 100% Freezer-safe Tested up to -18°C/-0.4°F, the XtremAqua bottle won't break in your freezer while freezing or when dropped after freezing.

  • Xtremely resistant to breakage! Our XtremAqua™ is our our most shatter-resistant bottle and can withstand xtremely low temperatures thanks to its unique material, making it your ideal partner when you're on the go!

  • Designed for comfort, the ridges around the bottle reduce skin contact when the bottle is frozen, making it comfortable to hold in your hand. 

  • Up to 8h of fridge fresh cool water when frozen If you fill your bottle to the filling line and freeze it completely, you will have up to 8h of fresh water time as the ice melts.
  • Leak-proof, easy to open flip top cap means no need to unscrew your cap! It's so convenient and easy, just flip it open and enjoy! 
  • Choose to be sustainable! By using the XtremAqua™, you avoid using disposable bottles and help our planet.

Tips / Life Hacks

  • Fill your bottle halfway and freeze; then bring another full Eco Bottle with you in your bag and use it to refill your XtremAqua™ bottle for even more cold water!
  • You can place your bottle either horizontally or vertically in the freezer–it's leakproof either way!
  • As it defrosts, drops of condensation will form on the outside of the bottle. When the bottle is frozen, make sure not to place the bottle near any water-sensitive items in your bag and consider using an Eco Bottle sleeve. This is not a leakage, only condensation. 
  • When the bottle is completely filled with frozen water, wait just a few minutes for the ice to begin to melt before opening the cap. 

Safety and Care Instructions

Dishwasher safe
Not for use in the microwave
Approved for food use
Do not use for carbonate drinks
Freezer safe (down to -18°C/-0.4°F)

How to freeze: 

Option 1:

  • Fill your bottle with water up to the filling line marked above the snowflake and close it.
  • Place it in the freezer and allow time to freeze.
  • Once frozen, you can take your bottle on the go and you can start drinking when the content starts to melt. If needed, place it in a sleeve in order to control the condensation. 

Option 2:

  • Fill your bottle with water up to the middle or less, according to the quantity of ice you want.
  • Place it in the freezer and allow time to freeze.
  • Once frozen, you can fill the rest of your bottle with cold water and start drinking immediately. If needed, place it in a sleeve in order to control the condensation. 

How to clean: 

  • Clean and dry your XtremAqua™ before first use.
  • The XtremAqua™ is dishwasher safe. It can also be handwashed by using a bottle brush, warm water and a bit of dishwashing liquid. For best results, use our Eco Bottle Brush to clean the inside of your bottle; it will clean all corners and leave the bottle sparkling clean! The cap is dishwasher safe. Just place it in the open position on top rack.
  • We recommend washing your XtremAqua™ bottle daily.
  • If, after cleaning as described above, you still have unpleasant odors from drinks stored in the bottle, follow these steps:
    • Fill the bottle with warm water and few drops of dishwashing liquid.
    • Let it stand like this for half an hour.
    • Rinse several times.
  • To dry, use one of our Microfibers or our Eco Bottle Stand. 
  • Liquids with spices, tomato or carrots can cause staining; this will not affect the performance of the product.
  • Use a low temperature program on your dishwasher to save energy and protect the environment.

How to store: 

  • Always leave your XtremAqua™ bottle open when not in use. This will avoid any unpleasant smells appearing in your bottle.


Caribbean Sea
Full product: W - x H 26.10 x L - Ø 8.7 cm / W - x H 10.3 x L - Ø 3.4 inch
Capacity Volume
Full product: (Full capacity) 880 ml / (Up to filling line) 750 ml / (Full capacity) 29 3/4 oz / (Up to filling line) 25 oz
Min Temp (°C/°F)
Full product: -25°C / -13°F

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