Universal Series Bread Knife

Universal Series Bread Knife

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A must-have addition to every kitchen essentials collection.


Introducing the Universal Series Bread Knife – a versatile and stylish solution that enhances your bread slicing experience. Its unique serrated edge effortlessly glides through various bread types, pastries, and cakes, delivering clean and even cuts with minimal crumbs. The long blade ensures easy cutting through hard crusts, while the rounded tip minimizes marks on the bread. The knife's ergonomic handle provides a comfortable grip, allowing optimal control for smooth slicing. Designed for both everyday use and special occasions, this bread knife combines functionality with aesthetics, featuring a sleek design that complements any kitchen setup. Upgrade your bread slicing game with the Universal Series Bread Knife – the ultimate solution for all your bread-slicing needs, including pastry and cake cutting, and even removing pineapple skin.


  • Knives’ range with multi-color design, indicating the designated use.
  • Tapered ground and new serration to offer best cutting performance.
  • Safe storage and transporting solution thanks to the sheaths.
  • Easy recognition of the knives through color, shape and engraving on sheath.


Blade: Stainless Steel 13/0 – traces of Nickel can be present, though not intentionally added
Handle and Sheath: Polypropylene

Dimensions Metric/US:
Blade Stainless Steel 19.7 cm
Handle Jet Black (8300)
Sheath 34.5 x 2.0 x 3.6 cm high

Handle: Black
Sheath: Lupine


  • Remove the sheath when the knife is stored in a knife block.
  • All knives become blunt with use. To maintain cutting efficiency, knives should be sharpened.
  • Always use a knife sharpener to sharpen knives. The serrated blades of the Bread Knife should be sharpened by a professional.
  • Always use an appropriate cutting surface (such as a Tupperware Cutting Board) when using the knives.
  • To prevent damage to the blades, don’t use knives to open bottles, loosen drawers or cut through/on hard surfaces/objects (such as bone, steel).
  • Do not cut on porcelain or metal cutting boards (this will make the blade blunt).
  • Do not cut leather, wood, frozen food or bones.
  • Do not use the knives as a screwdriver.
  • We recommend, when scraping the food from the cutting board, that you use the back side of the knife in order not to make the blade blunt.


  • Do not leave a knife unattended near children.
  • Always hold the knives firmly by the handle and never by the sheath.
  • Hold the handle of the knife steady and remove the sheath with your other hand while making sure that your hand only holds the sheath.
  • When not cutting, place the blade under the cutting board to prevent accidental injury.
  • If dropped, always let the knife fall to the floor. Never attempt to catch the knife in mid-air.
  • When passing a knife to another person, lay the knife down on a flat surface and allow the other person to pick it up by the handle.


  • Clean and dry your product before first use.
  • After each use, we strongly recommend that you immediately clean the knives by hand in hot soapy water and dry thoroughly before storing.
  • Cleaning in the dishwasher is not recommended, it could damage the knife blade due to the aggressive washing agents that can attack stainless steel.
  • Possible spots on the blade can easily be cleaned off with a stainless steel cleaner.
  • Never let the knife come in contact with other metal, ceramic or glass instruments as this could damage the cutting edge.
  • Do not assemble sheath and knife together when wet or damp.
  • To improve cutting efficiency and hygiene, clean the knife blade as you work and before storage.


Standard Tupperware guarantee applies. This guarantee does not include replacement for used blades, nor does it cover rusting or
damage to product resulting from negligent use or misuse of the product.

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