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Spice Carousel

Spice Carousel

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The spin on spices: tiered convenience in your kitchen!

Our 360° rotating, two-tier Spice Carousel is specifically designed for Tupperware® Spice Shaker containers (sold separately). It maximizes kitchen space and keeps your spices visible and accessible. Use it on the countertop, or enhance your pantry with stylish, efficient storage.

Includes one two-tiered, spinning Carousel.


Elevate your kitchen organization with our efficient Spice Carousel. This sleek, space-saving accessory features a 360° rotating base, allowing effortless access to all your spices and seasonings. Say goodbye to cluttered cabinets and shelves; with a simple spin, the flavors you want are at your fingertips.

Designed to optimize space, its two-tier rack efficiently houses up to 16 Tupperware® Spice Shakers (sold separately). Its compact form is ideal for any pantry, cabinet, or countertop, making the most of limited space while keeping your spices neatly organized.

Functionality meets stability with anti-slip recesses on both trays, ensuring your spice containers remain secure, even while rotating. This not only prevents spills but also maintains an orderly setup.

Crafted with a modern aesthetic, this organizer not only adds functionality to your kitchen but also enhances its appearance. Durable and easy to clean, it's not just a kitchen tool but a stylish addition to your cooking space. Our Spice Carousel is the perfect solution for a tidy, efficient, and stylish kitchen.


  • 360° rotating base: turns smoothly; provides easy access to all containers and their contents
  • Two-tier rack: maximizes valuable storage space in a pantry, cabinet, or on a kitchen countertop
  • Anti-slip recesses: featured on both trays keep spice containers steady when rotating
  • Holds both sizes of Spice Shakers: space for Large and Small Spice Shakers; up to 16 Large or a combination of both sizes (Shakers sold separately)


Dimensions Metric/US:
W 20.7 x H 15.5 x L 20.7 cm/
W 8.2 x H 6.2 x L 8.2 inch

Material: PS, PE

Color: Snow White


Hand wash


Up to 32 Tupperware® Small Spice Shakers, stacked, can fit onto the Carousel. However, take care when turning it because stacked containers may be unstable in motion.

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