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Shape-O® Toy

Shape-O® Toy

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The toy that helped me grow!

Now is the time to introduce your toddler to the original shape sorter ball which can facilitate motor skill development and problem solving skills, teach cause and effect, increase self-esteem, and help with shape identification and color practice.

Includes one Shape-O® ball and 10 shaped blocks.


This is the original Shape-O® Toy that's rolled through numerous color schemes and entertained children for decades.

For babies, it's a ball! It's bright, colorful, and smooth, and it makes a happy noise. The holes give just the right grip for tiny hands. Baby learns the basics of rolling, tumbling, throwing. The flat surfaces make the ball roll in a different direction each time, keeping baby engaged.

For toddlers, it's a toy box full of blocks! The toy grows with the child as s/he discovers what causes the rattling and watches the tumbling blocks, then learns to pull the ball apart to release 10 different-shaped blocks. Play with them, sort them, stack them up. Fitting the right blocks into the right holes teaches manual dexterity and shape distinction.

For children, it's an education! They can count the dots on the blocks, then learn the numbers on the other sides of the blocks and play number games.

Blocks can be stored inside the ball to keep them from getting lost. Shapes are sized for safety for children 12 months and older.


  • Entertaining for the whole family: Watching or helping a child play with Shape-O® brings back happy memories for many people.
  • Built to play: Children interact with it intuitively. Two handles are easy to grip and pull apart over and over.
  • Built to last: Tupperware® quality is sturdy, safe, and fun. It can pass from child to child for years.
  • Tactile and analog: Fundamental toy doesn't have flashing lights or noisy sound effects and never needs batteries.
  • Easy to clean: Surface is easy to wipe, and entire toy is dishwasher safe.


Dimensions Metric/US:
Ø 17 cm/Ø 6.5 inch

Material: PP

Color: Aquamarine, Spa Blue, Juicy Peach


  • Recommended for children age 12 months and over
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Approved for food use
  • Can be recycled
  • The two halves of the ball are connected by strong elastic. If it gets difficult to open the ball far enough to remove the shapes, then the elastic has been wound too tight. Just turn the halves in opposite directions until it unwinds and loosens.
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