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One Touch Fresh™ Oval 7 1/2-cup/ 1.8 L

One Touch Fresh™ Oval 7 1/2-cup/ 1.8 L

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Seal it, trust it!

This multifunctional, easy open-and-close container with snapping lid goes from fridge to pantry –anywhere in your house that needs to be organized.

Includes one 7½-cup/1.8 L oval container with seal.


Home organization has always been about simplifying our daily lives. As our home organization habits have shifted in recent years, so have our solutions.

Our easy-close, easy-open system makes it simple for anyone to use. Its airtight lid has been designed and tested to guarantee less than 1mg of humidity entering the container, keeping food fresh. ​

Oval sizes fit well in most fridge doors. ​Perfect for storing:

  • Pantry: any type of flour or sugar, nuts, grains, legumes, pasta, cookies, and more
  • Fridge: celery or carrot sticks, asparagus, green beans, prepped veggies or fruits, leftovers, and more

As the zero-waste movement grows, bulk shopping and refill stations are becoming more and more popular as shopping options. The lightweight design of One Touch Fresh™ containers makes them perfect for "grab & go" daily shopping.

This truly is a Tupperware MUST HAVE!


  • Signature One Touch closing system: easy for any family member to use
  • Wide tab for easy opening: no more damaged nails or need for help opening stubborn containers
  • Versatile: Product design and material are pantry and fridge friendly.
  • Airtight: Guaranteed to keep humidity out and freshness in, less than 1mg. of humidity can enter the containers, which means fresher food!
  • Snap & store: Nesting lids stay together when containers are not in use. 
  • One lid fits all: The same oval lid fits every oval One Touch Fresh™ container, making it easy to find the right one.
  • Modular and stackable: Designed for your pantry's most commonly used items, the system creates an organized, beautiful pantry. 
  • Thoughtfully designed: nestable for space-saving storage
  • Clear-view window: displays contents for easy identification


Dimensions Metric/US:
W 12.1 x H 18.0 x L 16.4 cm/
W 4.8 x H 7.1 x L 6.5 inch

Capacity Volume Metric/US:
1.8 L/7½ cups

Material: PP

Color: Nocturnal Sea


  • Wash before first use.
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Not freezer safe
  • Not safe for use in microwave
  • Do not use sharp or metal utensils
  • Approved for food use
  • Can be recycled

How to Open

  • Place closed container on a table or another stable surface. ​
  • Hold container with one hand.​
  • With other hand, pull tab up to remove lid from base.

How to Close

  • Place container on a table or another stable surface.​
  • Align lid with base. 
  • Push down on circular symbol on lid until you hear the "click" that tells you container is closed.

How to Clean

  • Always wash and dry product before first use.​
  • Product is dishwasher safe.​
  • After storing ingredients with high staining properties, make sure to immediately rinse container with cold water before putting into dishwasher.
  • Use a low-temperature setting on your dishwasher to save energy and protect the environment. ​
  • Tupperware's Recycled Microfiber Towels are a quick and sustainable way to dry.​

How to Store

  • To prevent unpleasant smells, store empty containers unsealed.​
  • Nest containers together for compact storage.​
  • Snap and stack lids together for a tidy, organized cupboard.​

​How to Snap Lids:

  • The magic behind our snapping lids is the indent on the edge of the lid, the small rib and notches that connect easily together.​ Stack the lids with their tabs facing the same way, and press on the circular symbol until you hear a "click" sound.
  • To separate lids, grab a tab in the same way as opening the container
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