Modular Mates® Super Oval Pour-All Seal (Black)

Modular Mates® Super Oval Pour-All Seal (Black)

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Dry foods stay fresh for longer with an easy-pour solution!

Our famous Modular Mates® Super Oval Pour-All Seal locks open for easy pouring, then tightly seals shut for optimal preservation of dry foodstuffs.

The flip-top lid is ideal for containers storing pasta, cereal, beans, rice, sugar, flour, and more. This Pour-All Seal fits Modular Mates® Super Oval containers 1 through 5.


  • Hassle-free: Large tab makes opening a "snap."​ Locking position stops the flip-top from flopping down while pouring.
  • Easy Refill: The whole seal can easily be removed to refill your container.
  • Airtight: Keep food fresh for longer, keep insects at bay, and save money.


Dimensions (Metric/US):
W 9.5 x H - x L 27.9 cm /
W 3.75 x H - x L 11 inch 

Color: Jet Black


  • Wash before first use.
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Not freezer safe
  • Not safe for use in microwave


When our Super Cereal Storer is too large, use a Pour-All seal to turn any Super Oval into a custom sized cereal dispenser.

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