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Fusion Master® Spiralizer Accessory

Fusion Master® Spiralizer Accessory

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Lower your carbs and replace your pasta with veggie noodles!

Our new FusionMaster Spiralizer is going to change the way you think about veggies! The spiralizer comes with three different blade cones to make spirals, spaghetti, and tagliatelle, while a specially-designed juice guider on the spiralizer catches juices in a bowl so your countertop stays clean. And you’ll love how having a spiralizer at the ready helps reduce carb and calorie intake overall. Our kitchen spiralizer makes vitamin-rich veggies so visually appetizing that even your little ones will want to eat them.

In just a few seconds you can spiralize apples, beets, butternut squash, carrots, cucumber, potatoes and of course, zucchini. Create anything from crispy tornado potatoes, a refreshing cucumber salad, low-carb zucchini noodles or a unique take on an apple pie. Your weeknight meals just got way more impressive!

Not sure how or how long to cook veggie noodles? You can steam them in the microwave, fry in a wok or bake in the oven! All the guidelines, for each type of veggie, are explained in the cooking chart which can be found under the "download" section.

The FusionMaster Spiralizer requires the Master System Base (sold separately) which is compatible with other FusionMaster accessories.


Dimensions (Metric/ US):
W 11.8 x H - x L 25 cm
W 4.6 x H - x L 9.8 inch



  • Can be recycled
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Keep out of the reach of children


  • Healthy everyday meals for the family: Make your vegetables look amazing quickly and easily! They will be much more fun and appreciated by kids and adults alike.​
  • Faster than slicing vegetables with a knife! It takes about 15 seconds to spiralize a zucchini. And when the vegetable is done, the knob unlocks automatically for faster refilling.​
  • Plenty of variety to choose from! Spaghetti, tagliatelle, spirals: 3 cones, each in a different color to identify them at a glance. ​
  • Zero cooking experience required! Very simple and safe to use. Your noodles turn out perfect every time.​ Just prepare your favorite pasta recipe and replace the pasta with veggie noodles!
  • Perfect and long noodles! The conical blades with angled blade increases the amount of real, long spirals/spaghetti/tagliatelle, vs competitors with flat blade inserts. Thanks to the screw-in system, you always push forward with a steady force. Noodles always have the same thickness.​
  • Part of the large FusionMaster family: The sturdy bonding suction foot (not included) is compatible with other FusionMaster accessories. Whenever you buy an accessory in the future, you will only need the extension.​

Tips & Life Hacks

Perfect ingredients for spiralizing​:

Best results are achieved with long, rounded veggies with minimum 3.5cm and maximum 7cm diameter. When shopping for your vegetables, make your choices accordingly. ​

Also, the fresher the ingredients, the better for spiralizing: the older they get, the more fibrous and breakable. Store your vegetables and fruits in the FridgeSmart to make them stay fresh longer.​

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