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Double Colander

Double Colander

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This handy double colander pulls double duty!

This multi-functional, heat-resistant set of two colanders is stable, drains cold and hot foods well, and fits on many different sizes of Tupperware® bowls. The two parts fit together to create a unique double colander, to be used as a covered colander or shaker!


Having both a deep and shallow colander gives you options. To connect the colanders together, just slip the hook of the shallow colander into the slot of the deep colander and the handles will fit together to hold as one. The pattern and angles of the holes in both colanders are designed to thoroughly drain your contents. 

The wide rim of the colanders allows them to rest on many different sizes of bowls and saucepans. Ergonomic handles ensures they are sturdy and fit in the hand comfortably when straining. Wide tabs opposite the handles help to extend the length of the colander to fit over different sizes of pots, pans, and some sinks. The deep colander has three feet on its bottom to keep it steady on your countertop.

The double colander is perfect for:

  • Draining cooked foods such as vegetables, spinach, rice and pasta.
  • Washing your produce: The shallow colander is ideal for washing soft or small produce and the large colander is great for larger fruits and veggies.
  • Salad shaker: After washing your greens for your salad, use the covered colander to shake them dry.
  • Straining canned goods: Strain your canned goods into a bowl and save the stock or juice for use later. 
  • Thaw foods in the covered colander and allow liquid to drain into a dish or the sink.


  • Two sizes: You'll always have the right size strainer for what you need.
  • Fits on most cookware or bowls: Long handles let both colanders rest comfortably on many different sizes of pots, pans, bowls, and some sinks.
  • Keeps food corralled: Connect the two colanders to wash small produce (like berries or cherry tomatoes) and drain pasta shapes without losing any. Safe to shake.


Dimensions (Metric/US):

Large Colander W 23 x H 11.4 x L 36 cm
W 9 x H 4.5 x L 13.8 inch 

Small Colander W 20.3 x H 4 x L 34 cm
W 8 x H 1.6 x L 13.4 inch

Volume (Metric/US):
Large: 2 L/2 qt
Small: 0.4 L/0.4 qt

Material: PP

Color: Jet Black, Snow White


  • Dishwasher safe
  • Approved for food use
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