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CrystalWave® PLUS 7½-cup/1.8 L Round

CrystalWave® PLUS 7½-cup/1.8 L Round

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Hearty appetite? We've got you covered.

Our 7½-cup/1.8 L Round microwavable container is perfect for family-sized servings of any of your favorite foods. Vented lid keeps food covered for mess-free reheating: simply pop the vent to reheat in the microwave for warm or hot meals.


Few things are better than the comfort of healthy, homemade food.

Our CrystalWave® deep Round container is perfect for storing family-size servings of any of your favorite foods, including veggies, pasta, casseroles, desserts, and even liquid-based meals like soups and broths. Unlike plastic wrap, its lid lets things stack on it to maximize refrigerator space.

CrystalWave® containers are made of a heat-resistant material, microwave safe up to 248°F/120°C. The lid's valve allows steam to escape during reheating, preventing any potential pressure build-up.​ Simply pop the steam vent and leave the seal in place to prevent splattering and spills when reheating. 

This container features a textured, scratch-resistant base, while the Stain Guard coating on the insides protects your container from stain-prone sauces. 

When not in use, it nests with other CrystalWave® Round containers to maximize cupboard or drawer space.


  • Microwave safe: heat resistant up to 248°F/120°C; maximum wattage of 650
  • Splatter-free microwave: The seal prevents splatters during microwave heating while its valve prevents pressure build-up by letting steam escape.
  • Stain Guard coating: Our unique Color Control technology helps prevent staining on the inside of the container from ingredients like tomato sauce or turmeric, so your CrystalWave® will always look just as good as the day you bought them.
  • Textured surface: resists scratches
  • Family sized: ideal for large quantities
  • Save money and time by skipping the cafeteria or restaurant lines, and bring healthy, homemade food with you to work or school.​
  • The safe, on-the-go choice for busy students, parents, and workers, thanks to the leakproof lid.​


Dimensions (Metric/US):
W 19.3 x H 11.9 x L 22.4 cm 
W 7.6 x H 4.6 x L 8.8 inch

Capacity Volume (Metric/US):
1.8 L/7½ cups

Temperatures (°C/°F): Min 0°C/32°F Max 120°C/248°F Max Wattage: 650 Watts

Color: Cobalt


  • Wash before first use.
  • Dishwasher safe, top rack
  • Safe for use in microwave
  • Do not use sharp or metal utensils.
  • Not freezer safe
  • Not safe for use in oven
  • Not safe for use with grill/broil function
  • Can be recycled
  • Maximum fill level is ¾ inch/2 cm below upper rim of container.
  • Click valve to "open" position for reheating.
  • To achieve best reheating results, lower microwave power to 70%.
  • If food is overcooked during reheating, it can reach temperatures in excess of 248°F/120°C, which can cause damage to the container. Take particular care with small quantities of food, or foods with high fat or sugar content such as gravy, sugar syrups, bacon, and meat on the bone. Check small amounts of high-risk foods every 30 seconds after the first minute of cooking.
  • Always place container at least 2 in./5 cm away from the inside walls (including the door) of your microwave oven.


  • If needed, add 1 or 2 tablespoons of water to food at start of reheating
  • When reheating for more than 2 minutes in the microwave (MAX 650W), stop and stir to ensure even reheating, then continue in 1-minute intervals if needed. Be sure to replace the cover after stirring food during reheating.
  • After reheating, let closed container rest for a minute to allow the temperature to distribute evenly.
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