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ECO+ AquaVibe™ Water Bottle

ECO+ AquaVibe™ Water Bottle

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Drink up the good vibes all day long!

Tupperware® ECO+ AquaVibe™ Bottle is all you need for a full day of hydration inspiration. Our ingenious pop-up flexible straw enhances your drinking enjoyment while time markers featuring colorful icons create good vibes that keep you motivated to meet your hydration and healthy lifestyle goals.

Includes one 67-oz./2L printed bottle with flip-top cap and built-in handle, and one pop-up flexible straw.

Color: Clover and Sheer Celery


Do you struggle to stay hydrated during your busy day and then feel guilty when you realize you didn't meet your hydration goal? It's easy to forget how much water you've had or missed during the day –until now.

Our AquaVibe™ Bottle will keep track for you, with its colorful icons on one side and easy-to-read quantity markers on the other. It's designed to support you in reaching your daily hydration target with ease and positive vibes.

Enhance your drinking experience with our innovative flexible straw that pops up for a comfortable sip and conveniently stays in the bottle in a hygienic way by simply closing the cap. It won't get crushed and won't stop the cap from closing. When opening the cap to drink, there's no need to pull up the straw and no risk of dropping the straw too low into the bottle.

The Easy Drink Cap's small opening safely regulates the flow of the fluid, making it more comfortable to drink from. With cap removed, its large neck opening provides for easy filling and cleaning of the bottle. 

Attractive for any lifestyle. Keep it on your desk, next to you at the gym, or on the counter at home. Wherever you are, it fits in –and keeps you fit!
*Artwork not covered by Limited Lifetime Warranty.


  • Ideal size for your daily hydration: One 67-oz./2L bottle will meet your daily hydration goals, with no need to refill during the day.
  • Dual drinking options: Pop-up flexible straw provides easy, comfortable sipping. It can also be removed to drink directly from the spout.
  • Track your water intake: Colorful icons on one side of bottle encourage hydration, while standard & metric increments on other side measure water intake.
  • Ergonomic, one-handed grip design: The sleek and slim bottle, featuring grip-enhancing ribs, ensures that this large-capacity bottle is exceptionally comfortable to use.
  • Easy drinking: Flip cap design allows for smooth flow when drinking.
  • Colorful quench: Translucent bottle is even more fun to use when you add colorful fruits or herbs to your water.
  • No leak, no mess: Leak-proof cap prevents spills while you are on the move.
  • Grab and go: Bottle is easy to carry, even when full, thanks to its strong, comfortable handle.
  • Fridge-friendly design: Bottle fits easily in fridge door to keep your drink cool on hot days.
  • Sustainable material: ECO+ products are made of the first food-safe, sustainable materials coming from mixed plastic waste or renewable sources.


Dimensions Metric/US:
H 32.4 x Ø 10.8 cm/
H 12.4 x Ø 4.3 inch

Capacity Volume Metric/US:
2 L/67 oz

Material: PP, silicone

Color: Clover
*Artwork not covered by Limited Lifetime Warranty. 


  • Dishwasher safe
  • Do not use for carbonate drinks
  • Not freezer safe
  • Wash before first use.
  • Daily washing recommended
  • Do not use for carbonated drinks or with carbonating devices.
  • For use with cold or room temperature drinks only
  • Do not remove silicone gasket in cap.
  • Handle is not intended to be disassembled.
  • Allow bottle to dry open when not in use.
  • Allow complete drying, and store open when not in use.
  • Liquids containing spies, tomato, or carrots can cause staining. This will not affect product performance.
  • If you detect unpleasant smells coming from drinks stored in the bottle:
    • Fill the bottle with warm water and a few drops of dishwashing liquid.
    • Let it stand for 30 minutes.
    • Rinse several times.
  • Flexible Straw:
    • Attach the silicone spring extension to the straw by rotating it onto the stiffer part (marked with the T logo).
    • Insert the straw through the cap spout or with the cover off.
    • Close the cap; the spiral design causes the straw to collapse inward, staying hygienically in the bottle without needing to touch it.
    • To drink from the straw, simply open the cap; it will automatically pop up.
  • Can be recycled


This product has a Limited Lifetime warranty. See details on our Policy.

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