Ultra Clear and Ultra Modern


Tupperware® Ultra Clear

Tupperware® Ultra Clear is a range of beautiful, transparent dry storage containers with the look of glass.

Extremely resilient and long lasting, these containers will keep your dry goods fresher and your pantry stylishly organized.



Tupperware® Ultra Clear containers not only combine beauty and practicality but are durable and help lock in food freshness to ensure your food lasts longer. From crackers to candy, pasta and more - store your goodies with peace of mind.

Organization at Its Finest

Creating delicious meals - or snacking - is easier when you can clearly see your ingredients and easily grab them from your panty.

Whether storing grains, nuts, or chips, the Tupperware® Ultra Clear containers are completely transparent so it's easier to see what you have.

Everyday Use

Unbreakable. Airtight. Easy to open.

Tupperware® Ultra Clear containers are lightweight, virtually unbreakable* , and made to last for adding beauty and organization to any kitchen or pantry.

These containers are also easy to stack and kid-friendly for opening and closing.

* Based on normal usage drop-test from 5 feet/1.5 meters height.