Rainbow Gelatin

Rainbow Gelatin



Prep Time

45 minutes


Tupperware Recipes


  • Neutral oil for greasing Jel Party
  • 5 packages flavored gelatin with the colors red, orange, yellow, green and blue (45 g / ±3 tbsp each)
  • 1.2 l water (divided) (±5½ cups)
  • 475 ml evaporated milk (unsweetened condensed milk) (±2 cups)
  • 475 ml sweetened condensed milk (±2 cups)
  • 4 packages unflavored gelatin (divided) (±28 g / 10 tsp total)


  1. Insert core seal in middle of Jel Party and lightly grease form with neutral oil.
  2. Bring 120 ml / ±½ cup water to a boil. Add 45 g / ±3 tbsp of red flavored gelatin and stir until fully dissolved. Add 120 ml / ±½ cup cold water and stir again, then pour into greased Jel Party. Cover and chill in fridge for 30-60 min. or until firm.
  3. In Thatsa medium bowl, add evaporated milk and sweetened condensed milk and stir until fully combined.
  4. Once red layer is firm, add 1 packet of unflavored gelatin and 30 ml / ±2 tbsp cold water to microwave-safe container. Stir until well combined and set aside for 2 min.
  5. Microwave softened gelatin for 15-20 sec. at 900 watts. Add 235 ml / ±1 cup of milk mixture to gelatin and stir until fully combined. Pour on top of red layer, cover and chill in fridge for 30-60 min. or until firm.
  6. Repeat steps 2-5 with remaining colors, ending on blue layer. Cover and chill for 5-6h.
  7. Once firm, flip Jel Party so cover is now on bottom, then remove middle insert. Gelatin should release naturally.
  8. Keep in fridge until ready to serve.