Minute Dough

Minute Dough



Cook Time

0 minutes

Prep Time

5 minutes


Tupperware Recipes


  • 250 g all-purpose flour (±1½ cups)
  • 5 ml baking powder (±1 tsp)
  • 5 ml salt (±1 tsp)
  • 100 ml oil (±7 tbsp)
  • 100 ml warm water (±7 tbsp)


  1. Pour all ingredients in the specified order into the Fix N Mix Bowl. Seal bowl and shake side to side 10 times, then alternate up and down and side to side for 1 min.
  2. Open the Bowl and finish bringing the dough together using a spatula.
  3. Roll out the dough* on a lightly floured surface before using.
  4. Use this dough for sweet or savory pies, quiche or tartlets.