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Recycled Microfiber Mop Towel

Recycled Microfiber Mop Towel

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The sustainable cleaning wizard that makes your home shine while protecting the environment!

Make your floors clean and shiny with our high quality, Recycled Microfiber Two-Sided Mop Towel. Clean all types of floors and a variety of surfaces. No mess is too big for this powerhouse mop towel.


Our double-sided Recycled Microfiber Mop Towel comes with increased thickness, absorbs even more water, and offers top performance while cleaning. Use the soft side for dry mopping and the scrub side for wet mopping. Reduce your use of disposable paper towels. Ditch your dusty old rags. Act sustainable with our great alternative: Recycled Microfibers. Tupperware's ingenious design combines recycled polyester and virgin polyamide for a handy household partner that absorbs water, grease, and other residue to clean and polish virtually any surface.  With the finest Denier of just about any textile, our Recycled Microfibers have an undeniable cleaning power and are available in an assortment of soft colors so you can mix and match for all your cleaning needs.

Pick your towel based on your task. Each towel in our Microfiber Collection has a specific weave and texture for optimal performance, and each one features a special embroidered symbol illustrating the task for which it was designed. Cover your bases and collect them all.

Quality Microfibers

Microfiber is one of the finest fibers of any textile, even finer than silk. It's less than half the size of silk; 75-80% smaller than flax, wool, or cotton; and 100 times finer than a human hair. Even as thin as it is, its length gets split into 4 to 32 equal sections to pick up moisture and hold it into those tiny sections. The more times the microfiber yarn is split, the more moisture it can hold.

Tupperware¬ģ Microfiber represents one of the highest quality microfiber textiles available. Our yarns have been split 32 times, going 75% into the fiber. This depth, combined with the high number of splits, offers more area to pick up and hold moisture. Other brands split their yarns only 16 times and use a cheaper, less absorbent blend of polyester (absorbs liquids) and polyamide (retains liquids), which is why their towels only smear water around. Tupperware uses an 80/20 blend for best results.


  • Sustainable:¬†Made of 80% recycled material, post-consumer sourced (like disposable bottles), it helps you contribute to the planet's wellness.
  • Cleans like a breeze:¬†Double the power in half the time. Easily scrub dirt using the striped side of the towel or effortlessly snag dust and spills with the solid side.
  • Reduce & Reuse:¬†Our reusable Microfiber towels help reduce the use of disposable sweepers.
  • Economical:¬†Towels can withstand many washing cycles, and even more if you don't use harsh detergents. This makes them economical as well as environmentally friendly since you will be purchasing fewer disposables.
  • Chemical-free cleaning:¬†No need for harsh cleaning chemicals with our Microfiber towels. Use them dry, or add only water for wet cleaning.
  • Hypoallergenic:¬†High quality microfiber works like a dust and allergen ‚Äúmagnet‚ÄĚ by trapping particles inside the fabric of the towel, ensuring a healthier environment for allergy sufferers.
  • Better texture:¬†Our task-engineered weaves clean better and are less likely to catch your skin than generic microfibers.


Dimensions Metric/US:
W 30 x L 30 cm/
W 11.8 x L 11.8 inch

Material: 80% recycled polyester, 20% nylon

Color: Icelandic Mist


  • Do not iron.
  • Do not use as oven glove.
  • Do not use softener. Softener will clog the fibers and diminish their absorbency.
  • Washing machine up to 140¬įF/60¬įC
  • Tumble dry on low heat/delicate cycle possible
  • Cleaning your product before first use is recommended. During the first two to three washes, the color may transfer onto other textiles washed together. Therefore, it is advisable to wash the product separately or with similar colors initially.
  • Never leave wet or damp towels in an enclosed space.
Microfiber towels are easy to use wet or dry. To use wet, you have 3 options:
  • Only warm or cold water with no additional product
  • Warm or cold water with white vinegar
  • Warm or cold water with a little bit of your usual detergent

Wring out and clean your floor, or use dry to catch all kinds of dust. When used dry, make sure that the Microfiber is free of any particles or dust in order to prevent scratches on glossy surfaces.

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