Micro Pitcher 2-Pc. Set

Micro Pitcher 2-Pc. Set

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A fast, mess-free solution for melting butter, chocolate and even making sauces in the microwave!

These versatile pitchers may be used to reheat liquids, sauces and soups in your microwave oven for convenience. Use the pitchers separately or invert the small pitcher and place on top of the large to prevent messy microwave splatters.



  • Volume (Metric / US):
    200ml Pitcher: 200 ml / 1 cup
    500ml Pitcher: 500 ml / 2 cup

  • Max Wattage:
    200ml Pitcher: 900 watts
    500ml Pitcher: 900 watts


  • Mess-free Pitchers are perfect for easily and cleanly melting butter, chocolate, coconut oil and so much more in the microwave.
  • Reheating in a flash a great way to reheat small amount of sauce or gravy in the microwave in minutes!
  • Clear, durable and microwave-resistant plastic.


  • BPA Free

  • Dishwasher Safe

  • Freezer safe (up to -25°C)
  • Safe for Microwave
  • Do Not Use in Oven/Stovetop
  • Not safe for use with grill/broil function
  • Do not use sharp or metal utensils
  • Keep out of the reach of children
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty


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Our two-piece set of microwaveable measuring cups is a fast, mess-free solution for reheating gravies and sauces quickly and neatly in the microwave.

The measuring cup and pitcher is a quicker and more functional alternative to individual measuring cups.

The microwaveable measuring cups can be used separately, or invert the small 1-cup/200ml pitcher over the large 2-cup/500ml pitcher and you've got a self-venting cover that allows steam to escape while preventing messy microwave splatters.

  • The microwave-safe measuring pitcher makes pouring hot liquids or ingredients safer and more precise.
  • Perfect for melting butter or chocolate.
  • Pitchers have U.S. standard and metric measurements.
  • Sturdy handle provides a firm, secure grip for mixing, lifting and steady pouring.
  • Generous spout is designed for smooth pouring without drips.


  • 200ml Pitcher: W x H x L Ø cm / W x H x L Ø inch / V 1 cup
  • 500ml Pitcher: W x H x L Ø cm / W x H x L Ø inch / V 2 cup
  • 200ml Pitcher: PES
  • 500ml Pitcher: PES
  • 200ml Pitcher: min Temp. 0 °C / 0 °F / max Temp. 0 °C / 0 °F / max Wattage 900
  • 500ml Pitcher: min Temp. 0 °C / 0 °F / max Temp. 0 °C / 0 °F / max Wattage 900

Use and Care

  • Refer to the user manual for complete instructions.
  • For microwave use only.
  • To protect container surfaces from scratching, use plastic utensils.
  • To protect container from staining, wipe splatters before placing in microwave oven.
  • To remove sticky foods, soak containers in warm, soapy water.
  • For persistent stains, use a non-abrasive cleaner, non-scratch pad or strong solution of dishwasher detergent and water (¼-cup/60ml detergent to 1-cup/200ml warm water).
Component Specific 200ml Pitcher: 500ml Pitcher:

Tips & Life Hacks

Melting butter or chocolate works best at low wattage (max 400 watts).

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