Date a Tupperware Party

Why Party with Tupperware?

Tupperware Party Fun


Catch up with friends, and make new ones when friends bring guests. Plus, connect with others empowered by the Opportunity. You may meet your TFF (Tupperware Friend Forever).

Tupperware Party Food


Demo delicious recipes and learn new ways to cook real apps, snacks, meals, and desserts for your family using Tupperware products we created specifically for people with busy lifestyles.

Tupperware Free Host Offers


When you date a Tupperware party, the special offers are endless. Get discounts up to 50% off, and FREE Tupperware products, just for partying.


Not sure where to start? Check out these party themes sure to thrill guests.

Show and Tell Party

Show and Tell Party

Celebrate Every Day Party

Celebrate Every Day Party

Feel Like a Kid Again Party

Feel Like a Kid Again Party

Hometown Spirit Party

Hometown Spirit Party

Host Credit

& Half-Price Selections

Host a party, get rewards! We give you spending credit based on your party’s total sales. The more your guests purchase, the more Host Credit you’ll earn. You also earn exclusive half-price products, just for you.


I want    in Host credit!

You must achieve in sales.

You'll also receive Half-Price Selections

Redeem your Host Credit and half-off purchases for ANY item in our catalog, except the fundraising items and special offer featured on the back cover.

Limited Time Host Offers

RIGHT NOW: Stretch earned Host Credit farther with this huge Host-exclusive offer. Earn with qualifying party sales and by having two friends date and hold their own Tupperware parties.

Classic Canister Collection

Classic Canister Collection FREE with a $600 party + 2 datings held through December 27, 2019.

Ready to party?