Freezer Mates® PLUS Stackables Set

Freezer Mates® PLUS Stackables Set

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Fridge & freezer collection for the prep-ahead, get-ahead lifestyle.

Freezing is hands down the best way to preserve food. It actually slows down the process that causes food to spoil. And our Stackable Freezer Mates take it one step further with a stackable design that is easy to use, compact, and will keep your freezer organized. The Stackable Freezer Mates feature 3 containers in 1: separate trays that stack together to make it easy to freeze individual portions of food, then when you need it, grab, thaw and serve in a flash. Now you can thaw what you need, when you need it, wasting less while enjoying fresher food.


  • Meal prep made easy: Freeze individual portions of food for easier defrosting.
  • 3-in-1 stacking: Safely stack trays on top of each other by clipping them on the sides.
  • Fast freezing: Portioning the food and design of trays enables optimal cold air circulation around the container for faster freezing.
  • No more stains: Our unique Color Control technology helps prevent staining on the inside of the container from ingredients like tomato sauce or turmeric, so your Freezer Mates will always look just as good as the day you bought them.
  • Airtight and frost-free: Tight-fitting seal protects food from dry air, prevents spillage, and keeps odors from other foods from seeping into containers.
  • Durable, flexible containers: Allow for easy unmolding and adapt as food expands during freezing. Resist cracking and breakage up to -25°C/-13°F.
  • Saves time: Prepare meals in advance to enjoy later that week or on those days you just don’t have time to cook.
  • Saves money: Buying your meats and produce in bulk will save you more money in the long run. Keep what you need for the week in the fridge and freeze the rest for a later date!
  • Sustainable: Avoid disposable freezer bags.
  • Versatile: Airtight lid makes them perfect for fridge storage, too.


  • Each tray: L 9.1 x W x H 1.7
  • Set of 3 trays assembled: L 9 x W x H 4.6
  • Full Product: PE

Tips & Life Hacks


  • Keep food fresh longer. Freezing slows down the chemical and microbiological processes that cause foods to spoil and lose nutrients.​
  • Save money. Buying in bulk is cheaper than buying in smaller quantities. But storing those extra portions can leave your freezer crowded and messy. Freezer Mates® are perfect for storing extra fish, fruits and vegetables with ease.​
  • Save time during your busy work week with batch cooking. Cooking large quantities of stews and other meals over the weekend saves time during the week. If you don't like eating the same meal several days in a row, freeze and store your food for later.


  • Only freeze clean, fresh food.​
  • When freezing cooked food, allow it to fully cool before placing in freezer.​
  • Fill containers to max fill line to allow space for expansion during freezing process.​
  • For larger quantities, portion food into separate containers beforehand. This will speed up the freezing time and when it's time to eat, you will have the exact amount you want to use.​
  • Locate the freezer’s coldest zone/drawer (read the appliance leaflet) and place specific food in that zone for faster freezing.​
  • When placing unfrozen food in the freezer, set the temperature to -25°C the day before for better results. Once the food is frozen, keep your freezer temperature at -18°C to ensure optimal conservation of your foods.

The secret behind excellent results with vegetables is to blanch them in boiling water for 1 to 2 minutes. After boiling, cool the vegetables quickly in ice water before freezing. This process blocks enzymes that can deteriorate vegetables and will kill most of the microorganisms that can be present.​

Always label food containers so you can easily identify what's in your freezer.​


  • Thaw food in the fridge overnight or in the microwave on low power/wattage. Always transfer food to a microwave-safe container first. ​
  • Do not thaw at room temperature; this can promote growth of harmful microorganisms.​
  • Never re-freeze thawed food.​
  • Once food is thawed, be sure to eat it within the recommended timeframe.


  • Take one of the Stackable Freezer Mates trays, turn it upside down over a plate and push in the middle of the container to release contents. Or with the tray facing up, twist to release food and then take it out.
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