Vent 'N Serve® Medium Shallow Set


Product Details

Plan ahead and make extra for healthy lunch options.

Product Details

Plan ahead and make extra for healthy lunch options. The easy to open and close silicone valve allows steam to escape when reheating foods in the microwave. Footed bases ensure even reheating while handles stay cool to the touch. Great for the fridge and freezer for the ultimate in meal planning versatility.

  • Includes three 2½-cup/600 mL Medium Shallow containers
  • In Indigo/Mist
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty

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Helpful tip 2/28/2018
Reviewer: Kelaie
Everyone who keeps having issues with sealing needs to understand in the freezer they morph. Simply put you life in hot water then put them on your Tupperware. They will seal to your Tupperware and they will marry again.
Do not waste your money 4/29/2017
Reviewer: Tanya
I have tried everything I can think of to get these to stay sealed and nothing has worked. The corners pop off overtime. I just was in my fridge looking for something and noticed it happened again. Tupperware that you spend so much money on should not have this problem. I have had too many meals get gross because they are not sealed properly. I highly recommend NOT buying these.
Terrible - will not stay sealed 4/8/2017
Reviewer: LAURA
I have the same problem as the other folks, these will not stay sealed.
Vent and Serv, not worth any money 1/14/2017
Reviewer: Corey
My wife and I purchased these along with some of the small version. They should have been perfect for her to take to work. Not only is calling them stackable miss leading but their sealing ability is terrible. They do not stack when you store them in the cupboard, takes way too much space. I can fit 4 or 5 in a stack, other brands I can fit 10 to 15. In the fridge they look nice until the lids pop. I could not believe tupperware that cannot stay sealed. I blamed our son at first for not closing them, they do take some effort to close. I closed a few and not only did they pop open before morning many times they pop open before you put them in the fridge. Even if you open the vent, close the lid, squeeze some air out and close the vent, they still pop open. Putting warm items in them should cause the seal to tighten as they cool, but again they pop open. With 6 medium, two small and all of them doing the same issue, this pretty pathetic. Paying over 4 times the price of a very good competitor I figured they should last longer, be more versatile. The only thing I can say I received was dissapointment
tops do not fit 9/26/2016
Reviewer: Regina
I really cannot believe this is tupperware. I purchased every piece in this collection, not just this set, and I struggle and struggle to get the tops to fit. I have just spent 30 minutes switching and trying tops from my rectangle pieces to try to get one that fit. It's so frustrating it is not even worth owning these. I bought tupperware because it is supposed to be the best and therefore worry free. NOT the case with this. I requested replacement with another freezer set.