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MicroPro® Grill

Product Review (submitted on February 10, 2019):
My wife is a Tupperware Consultant and I have claimed her MicroPro Grill for myself. I have used the MicroPro Grill everyday for nearly two years to meal prep healthy meals I can take to work. I am a public high school science teacher and used to eat fast food everyday. Now, I regularly grill chicken breast, pork, and fish in the MicroPro Grill but also sometimes make desserts, like cobblers or pies. It took some trials to discover how to prepare the meat correctly and what cooking times worked best. For example, slicing the meat so it has a uniform thickness is pretty important if you want a great sear over the whole piece. The Tupperware Fresh blog helped me a lot when I first started using the MicroPro Grill. My wife has a recipe blog at that she maintains for her customers and it includes lots of tips and unique recipes that we have learned and created along the way. I know it can help you too. Brad