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Can Opener

Product Review (submitted on September 24, 2016):
This was my absolute favorite kitchen gadget for years!! I told everyone it was worth the $ for sure! I have little kids and pets, so the lack of sharp edges was awesome! I bought it because the consultant told me it came with a lifetime warranty. Wonderful! I talked my husband in to splurging, because if you only have to buy one for the rest of your life, I guess $40 isn't that bad! Well, the other day it started leaving metal shavings around the can. I've noticed a decline in it's ability to cut the lid off in one pass around the can over the past few years, and now we're at about 4 complete circles around the can. One of these metal shavings embedded into my hand and it was extremely painful, even worse to get out! So I thought it was finally time to cash in on that lifetime warranty I was promised. I looked it up on here, and now it says there is only a "quality warranty" and it only lasts for one year. I can promise you that I was told it had a lifetime warranty. I can also promise you I would not have spent nearly $40 for a can opener that only came with a year warranty. So I guess I am saying goodbye to my best kitchen friend. And maybe Tupperware needs to train their consultants not to promise warranties for things that aren't covered.