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FridgeSmart® 4-Pc. Set

Product Review (submitted on December 12, 2018):
Confession time!

I WAS totally a skeptic about the Fridge-smarts! In fact I only got them because I earned tons of free and half priced items by partying on Facebook with Joy Moore.

I’ve been using them very regularly for quite some time now. I use them for peppers, spinach, fruit, you name it. But in my head I was always thinking whyyyy am I using these?! Are they actually making a difference?!

Fast forward to last week. I had red and orange peppers. 4 to be exact. I only had room for 2 in my fridge-smarts so two sat out in the fridge. Welllll fast forward to this week I was getting ready to meal-prep and grabbed all of my peppers.

Guys!! This is where I was SHOCKED!!

My peppers in my fridge-smart were still firm and beautiful! My peppers in the bag were getting soft and wrinkly!!

Moral of the story... I totally BELIEVE in the Fridge-smarts and WILL be purchasing more the next time I order! We spend so much on veggies and fruits and WE totally DESERVE them to be fresh when we use them! No more throwing out stuff in my house! Fridge-smarts to the rescue!!

Thank you Joy!!