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FridgeSmart® 4-Pc. Set

Product Review (submitted on August 27, 2018):
Fridgesmart's design introduced "venting" to the refrigerator storage containers. The older containers sealed completely and came with an interior raised bottom grid that kept the food from touching the bottom of the container/moisture collected in the bottom of the container. Fridgesmart does not come with such a grid and allows food to sit in its own moisture - presumably the venting takes care of the moisture issue - in my experience venting doesn't satisfactorily do this.

I've tried placing paper towels under my vegetables, but this isn't a great "fix". I find that I reach for my older containers and only use Fridgesmarts when the old ones are already in use. Forget putting melons or other water fruit in the Fridgesmarts - they will swim in their own juices and go bad quickly.

The Fridgesmart design needs a redesign. It looks like they were designed to hold a bottom grid, but Tupperware customer service confirmed that their is no such grid in the design. Pity. These would receive a completely different review if the bottom grid existed.