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FridgeSmart® 4-Pc. Set

Product Review (submitted on August 27, 2018):
Yes, these Fridgesmart containers have "new & improved" venting that is suppose to be superior to their old refrigerator container design. In my experience using this Fridgesmart set plus a couple of older versions of the refrigerator containers, I prefer and reach for the older containers before using this pricey Fridgesmart set.

The reason is that this Fridgesmart set doesn't have the removable bottom grid tray that the older versions have - and that is a mistake. Vegetables have moisture and while the venting diagram/process is suppose to air the contents, I find that the venting process is no better than the older grid tray. The reason for the bottom grid tray is to let the moisture go to the bottom of the container & the contents don't sit in it (consequently, they stay fresher). The Fridgesmart containers allow the contents to sit in their own moisture & hasten the aging process. I've used paper towels in the bottoms, but this is a fantastic "fix". Melons & other water laden fruit - don't even think about it unless you want them sitting in their own juices.

I'm very disappointed in these containers, especially given my experience with the older models. In my opinion, Fridgesmart is a Fail.