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Vent 'N Serve® 7-Pc. Set

Product Review (submitted on November 15, 2017):
I love these and have had for almost 20 yrs when this product was called Rock N Serve.

Warranty on tupperware is the best! For those who are having issues with cracks or chips. Tupperware replaces the exact same product for FREE!! If they stop making an item they will replace with a similar product for FREE!! Find a consultant near you or call from this website for assistance. It is that easy.

People tend to forget why Tupperware has been around for 100 yrs and go to the knock of brands of rubbermaid and now ziplocs for cheaper cost but when those break, you have to buy more and the cost adds up. Why continue to buy less quality product with no warranty when you can buy one tupperware bowl that will last a lifetime with free product replacement? I do not buy anything but Tupperware and never will. Quality out does quantity everytime!