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Lunch-It® Containers

Product Review (submitted on November 13, 2017):
I got one of these in a lunch set, & it is the perfect size for snacks & lunches! I originally bought it as a gift, but I was too tempted & ended up using it. I have used it for cream cheese & crackers, peanut butter, celery, & apples, nuts, cut up fresh fruit, & other snack items for when I'm in the go. It's perfect portions for those who have diabetes & other medical issues, giving them more effective & healthier options when their blood sugar gets too low with the options of both instant sugar & longer acting protein until they can eat a full meal. I keep some kind of snack in it, & it's small enough to put in my backpack, tote, or any other bag without it talking up the entire space when I'm out & about. It's more economical than the store bought pre-made lunches & snacks, & it saves on the amount of packages that are thrown in the trash or recycling bins (even recycling costs us more in the long run because it uses more energy to create & reclaim the packaging than washing & reusing containers to begin with).
You will find all sorts of uses for them, & I highly recommend these container!