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Classic Sheer® Pitcher

Product Review (submitted on October 23, 2017):
I've owned a few of these in my lifetime, including the 2 qt size, & my Mom always had 1 she used for tea, Kool-aid, lemonade, etc, & her pitcher & my old ones are still in great working order. Her pitcher did get a bit stained, but after so many years (as long as I can remember) is understandable. I love that I can open & seal it up easily, use the lid to control the flow of liquid in it, strain ice that's put in it to cool the drink down, doesn't splash liquids everywhere, closes up easily, & is large enough to handle great quantities of drinks & other liquids. I've even used the smaller size one for transporting large amounts of gravy to family dinners without it spilling, even if I make a sudden stop & it tips over! My Mom would even use one at Christmas for her boiled custard. How great of a product is that?! This style will always be my favorite pitcher! I've owned quite a few styles of Tupperware pitchers, going all the way back to the old smaller pitchers that were designed to fit in the doors of old fridges (I think they're yellow) & have the flexible loop style handles, & the lids of the older small ones & newer other styles of pitchers either don't pour well or they will leak if accidentally tipped slightly.
You can't go wrong with the Classic Sheer Pitcher! I even thought about getting another one just for milk I get delivered; the milk is delivered in glass bottles, & I've had quite a few of those break & the milk goes everywhere in the fridge, & what a mess & stink that makes! I've also used them to mix pancake & waffle batter because I didn't have a mix & store bowl, & regular bowls dripped & made huge messes whether I poured from the bowl or used a ladle or measuring cup to dispense the batter.
I highly recommend this product. It will save you money by keeping the liquids & other things fresh longer so there is no waste & time by allowing you to make larger quantities at a time. Go ahead & get creative with how to use it! After all these years, I've never thought to test it with dry ingredients, but I'll try now!