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One Touch® Reminder Canister Set/Black

Product Review (submitted on October 22, 2017):
I cannot say too many great things about this canister set! I've had my 2 sets of One Touch i cannot say enough great things about these canisters! I've had 2 sets of canisters for years, & they still look & seal like they are brand new. My Mom & I still have the old style Tupperware canister set with the ridged lids, & those were harder to keep clean, but they sealed perfectly! I like the new style lids much better, & they're just as easy to seal. They keep my most used ingredients & products close at hand, the contents are as fresh as the day I stored them, I can easily look & see what I'm running low on without opening up the canister, & they're stylish sitting on my counters. I'm going to buy another set for my daughter since she's renting a place with a real kitchen in it, & she'll need a good set.
I get ants & mice in here every year, & these help keep things fresh & safe. Before I was able to replace my canisters, I caught mice & evidence of mice in everything they could chew their way to, including sugar, pancake mix, soup mixes, dried noodle soup, & even flour, but these canisters & other Tupperware containers keep everything safe from all pests. I don't live in a rural area either, but with all the construction, these & other uninvited "guests" don't get a free meal.
By not having to replace the contents, I saved money, & they paid for themselves & more in short fashion! I miss getting the scoops & other "gadgets" we used to get at parties or the option to buy 1 or 2 for each set! Some of my grandmother's recipes call for "Tupperware scoops" of ingredients. Thankfully I have a scoop of 2 around, but I wish I had more so I'm not keeping my measuring cups in containers all the time.
I'm not obsessed with Tupperware like some may think, & I won't buy the other brands unless I'm going to lend it or give it away. (Tools & Tupperware seem to grow legs or they rarely get returned.) However, when a product meets or exceeds my expectations, I'm loyal to that brand. Other brands cost the same or more than these, & they don't have the warranty or quality Tupperware has.
I adamantly recommend this product to anyone & everyone! They are reasonably priced, liquid & air tight, easy to use, stylish, & they reduce or eliminate the need to throw products & ingredients away! It's well worth the money.