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Modular Mates® Pasta Center/Black

Product Review (submitted on July 5, 2017):
This is for you Tammy. I started off with Tupperware when I was 18 when my aunt was in car crash and had a fractured arm. I drove her to her parties, and helped her sort , and deliver orders. I was a Tupperware chauffer that was in the 1970's. My wife Jeanette was a Tupperware consultant in the 1980's. We have a lot of Tupperware that is dated, and we use all of it. I am less that 3.5 years away from retirement, and with my wife being on disability we will both be on fixed incomes. I put a lot of thought into having a small business, and Tupperware was fun when I helped my aunt. I am looking forward to having fun and serving others in this new journey in my life. We have a lot of Modular Mates that we for use for dry storage. The Classic Impression Bowls are great for pasta, and potato salads. We just ordered the One Touch Modular Mates and, plan on using those for sugar, coffee, and loose tea.