Quick Chef® Pro System


Product Details

This next-generation version of our popular kitchen food processor saves you time and money without using electricity.

Product Details

This next-generation version of our popular kitchen food processor saves you time and money without using electricity. Versatile, quick and easy to use, it now features three sharp blades for chopping vegetables, herbs and fruits fast; a paddle whisk for mixing and whisking; a funnel with measurements for making dressings; a small basket to dry fresh herbs and small salads; an ergonomic cover with easier-turning handle; and an airtight and liquid-tight seal for storing.

  • 5½ cups/1.3 L
  • Includes recipe insert and gift box
  • In Raindrop/Sugar
  • Quality Warranty

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Video Link https://www.youtube.com/embed/WP7Z9tBTGB8?autoplay=1

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Great, while it lasts! 10/21/2018
Reviewer: STACI
I bought this about 2 years ago, I loved it!! Then something broke in the handle, so now it’s useless!
There is no way to replace the handle!!!! I think for the price it should last, or at least have the ability to repair!! So disappointed!
Quick Chef Pro System 6/26/2018
Reviewer: Becky
I bought the Quick Chef Pro System several years ago and loved the product. I used it all the time and recommended it to other people to purchase. About one week ago, two teeth in the handle broke and now the Quick Chef Pro System is useless. I contacted Tupperware and I understand that the handle is not covered under warranty but I cannot even purchase a handle. Tupperware's solution is to purchase a whole new Quick Chef Pro System. I would not waste $69.00 on this product again.
No replacement parts 7/6/2017
Reviewer: Leigh Ann
I loved this product and used it often until two of the "teeth" inside the handle broke. No problem, as Tupperware stands behind all their products, right? Not this one. I can't replace the handle. I'd have to buy a whole new unit. As another reviewer said below, I suspect they realize this is a subpar quality product, hence the short warranty period.
Quick chef Pro System! I LOVE 5/16/2017
Reviewer: Arlene
I love this chopper! I have purchased 6 or 7 of them as gifts after each used the one I have. They are wonderful to use. I have had one and use constantly for years and I have never had any problems with it at all. I cannot understand anyone having problems with this.
Designed to break (that's why it is only covered under the 1 year warranty) 3/31/2017
Reviewer: Joel
Full disclosure I created this profile to leave this review that's how annoyed with the warranty and Karen at the customer service phone bank I am! Inside the crank handle are very thin fragile spokes of plastic engineered to break. And after one or more of them break it no longer grips the gear on the lid...rendering the entire unit useless. After speaking with customer service and finding out they would not send a replacement handle but instead replace the entire unit (hint hint they know the design is bad) when covered under the not lifetime warranty like their other products but a special one-year warranty. My advice don't waste your money on such a disposable gadget!!!
ñ_ñ 6/8/2016
Reviewer: jaquelin
Disculpen ese precio es en dolares o pesos y no hacen envios a argentina....??