Vintage Strainer

Vintage Strainer

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The strainer that you really need to have in your kitchen!

This multi-functional, heat-resistant colander is stable, drains cold and hot foods well and fits on many sizes of Tupperware bowls! Perfect for washing, rinsing, filtering and straining fruits, vegetables, grains or canned food. Thanks to its generous handle, draining small amounts of hot pasta is easy, safe and practical.

The colander’s wide rim allows it to rest safely on many different sizes of bowls and saucepans. Ergonomically designed, sturdy handles ensure a steady, comfortable fit in any hand. The strainer has a rim and four feet, so it can stand on its own on your countertop.

The strainer can be used to catch and retain custards and liquid dough, purees, soups, marinades, broths and meat or fish sauce bases as well as coulis.


  • Easy to hold - Thanks to its generous handle, draining small amounts of hot pasta is safe and practical.
  • Convenient for everyone - The two spouts on the sides make it easy to pour ingredients or remove juice, both for left-and right-handed people.
  • So versatile - The draining holes are small, so it is also excellent to use for delicate and small fruits.


Height 2.95in / 74.73mm
Width 8.13in / 206.38mm
Length 11.19in / 284.14mm


  • Capacity: 1 quart / 1L
  • Product color: Aquamarine
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