Modular Mates® Super Cereal Storers 4.8L (Set of 2)

Modular Mates® Super Cereal Storers 4.8L (Set of 2)

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Protect your cereal in our classic Super Cereal Storer

Set of two. 20 cup/4.8 L.

Does everyone in your family like different kinds of cereal? And have you ever thrown away part of a box because it wasn’t eaten before it got stale? 

Well now you don't have to throw away food. With the Super Cereal Storer, you can store everyone's favorite cereal without it going stale! Thanks to its large size, you can buy in bulk to save money and fewer trips to the store. The ingenious pouring cap lets you open the cover from one side, dispense and close back for optimal storage. 

Visible tab on the pour cap makes opening a "snap."​ The whole seal can be removed easily for quick refilling. Plus, an added bonus with the transparent window is that everyone can find their favorite cereal with no hassle.  


Dimensions (Metric/ US):
W 12.7 x H 26.2 x L 24.2 cm
W 5 x H 10.3 x L 9.5 inch

Volume (Metric / US):
4.8 L / 20 cup 


  • Can be recycled
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Not freezer safe
  • Not safe for use in the microwave


  • Pour `N Go - Anyone can pour cereal without making a mess, thanks to the large pouring spout.
  • No more stale cereal - Airtight - your cereals will stay fresh for longer, saving you money and keeping your family happy!
  • More then Cereal - Thanks to the wide opening you can store baking mixes, pasta, pancake mixes and more.
  • Be Sustainable: Buy in Bulk, resulting in less disposable packaging, food savings and fewer trips to the store.
  • Tupperware's Vintage collection with its authentic design and material. 
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