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MicroPro® Grill with Ring

MicroPro® Grill with Ring

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Purchase the MicroPro® Grill –perfect for indoor grilling, quick baking, and casserole making– get a FREE Pro Ring!

The microwave revolution: less time, less mess, less stress. Our MicroPro® Grill grills meats, fish, vegetables & sandwiches, and it bakes cakes –right in your microwave in under 20 minutes.

Includes one 1.5 qt/1.5 L base, one dual-position cover, and one Pro Ring insert.


Meals in minutes. Bake, grill, crisp, and sear meats, fish, vegetables, and bake cakes in the microwave. Our MicroPro® Grill takes microwaves and uses them to heat its specially-developed grilling plates to cook and brown your food. Enjoy a grilled meal without the supervision needed for a frypan, nor the hassle of a BBQ.

Paired with our exclusive silicone Pro Ring, you can make anything from seafood to vegetables to quick breads to steak. Take your pick from over 50 recipes! 

The Pro Ring is very versatile. It can be used in the regular oven with a baking sheet, or it can go into the freezer in a freezer container to make frozen treats.

Compact and easy to clean, the MicroPro® Grill is perfect in any sized kitchen, dorm room, or RV –no backyard required!


  • Unique technology: Upgrade your microwave. Thermal heat cooks, bakes, and even browns food just like a conventional oven or grill. Bake, grill, crisp, and sear meats, fish, vegetables, and even bake cakes.
  • Food shielded from microwaves: The MicroPro® Grill turns microwaves into thermal energy on its top and bottom surfaces to cook the ingredients.​
  • Perfect grilled results: super easy and without risk of burning, thanks to the heat regulation of the top and bottom susceptors at the optimal temperature of 450°F​/220°C
  • Two-position Cover: Grilling position for paninis, grilled cheese, burgers, chicken, pork, fish and other seafood, and grilled vegetables;
    Casserole position for making casseroles, cobblers, enchiladas, cinnamon rolls or other sweets, and recipes with sauce or delicate foods that would be squashed by the cover.
  • Pro Ring: Silicone ring designed specially for the MicroPro® Grill lets you make cakes, mini pizzas, monster cookies, and more. Pro Ring can also be used with a baking sheet in a conventional oven or in the freezer.
  • PFOA-free Eterna® non-stick coating: quick, healthy meals and easy cleanup
  • 1.5 L/1.5 qt capacity: ideal for everyday use for a single person or a 2- to 3-person family


Dimensions Metric/US:
Grill: W 24.8 x H 9 x L 27.1 cm
W 9.75 x H 3.6 x L 10.7 inch

Ring (incl. lifting corners):
W 17.8 x H 3.2 x L 17.8 x (center ring) Ø 15.2 cm/
W 7 x H 1.3 x L 7 x Ø 6 inch

Capacity Volume Metric/US:
1.5 L/1.5 quarts

Max Microwave Wattage:
1000 watts

stainless steel, silicone, Eterna® anti-stick coating


Read manuals for complete instructions.

  • Hand wash only
  • Do not use sharp or metal utensils.
  • Safe for use in the microwave
  • Not for freezer
  • Not safe for use in oven, grill/broil function, or stove top
  • Not dishwasher safe
  • Keep out of the reach of children.
  • Approved for food use

The MicroPro® Grill is very easy and intuitive to use:

  • Place the ingredients you want to grill/cook in the base.
  • Place the cover in the appropriate position: "Complete Grilling" (low) or "Gratin/Crispy Top Cooking" (high).
  • Place in the microwave at a maximum 1000W for a maximum of 20 minutes. (Follow recipe instructions for correct wattage and time.)
  • Remove from the microwave using oven gloves.
  • Bon appétit.
  • Only for Microwave oven. Do not use in a traditional oven or on the stove. Do not use the grill function of the microwave.​
  • Allow a minimum 2 in./5 cm away from the walls and top of microwave. Remove racks from microwave.
  • Maximum 20 minutes at 1000 watts.​​
  • If your microwave has just been used and you would like to use it again straight away, allow it to cool down for a minimum of 5 minutes by leaving the door open before using the MicroPro® Grill.
  • Do not use the product in the microwave without food, and always set the cover before placing it in the microwave oven.
  • Do not use any preprogrammed settings, automatic functions, or heat sensor programs on the microwave as these features were not designed for this product.
  • Product and contents will be hot after cooking. Always use oven gloves and hold the product by the side handles.


  • Take meat out of the fridge about 20 minutes before cooking to allow it to reach room temperature. This will help you to more easily achieve golden brown results when grilling.
  • Always pat meat dry prior to grilling. Higher water content may cause an unwanted steaming effect.
  • Adding salt before grilling will draw out the juices from your food, causing it to dry. Add salt after grilling for the juiciest results!
  • When cooking different types of ingredients in the same pan, start with the ingredients that take longer to cook, this way your complete dish will be ready at the same time.
  • For best results when searing meat pieces, preheat the MicroPro® grill with a slice of bread or vegetables for 2 minutes beforehand.
  • Cut food into even pieces for even cooking.
  • Depending on your microwave oven, the grilling effect may be more pronounced on the top or on the bottom. This happens because the microwave inlet location (the place from where the waves emanate) varies in different appliances. If you notice a difference, flip the food halfway through the cooking time in order to get the same results on both sides.
  • If you wish to use oil or other fats, we recommend brushing a small amount of oil on the food before placing it in the MicroPro® Grill.
  • If grilling a sandwich with thick bread, preheat the bread and the MicroPro® Grill by placing only the bread, in one layer, into the Grill and microwaving it for 2 minutes with cover in grilling position. Then assemble the sandwich, and grill as recommended by the recipe. Adjust times as needed for your particular microwave and ingredients.
  • Pro Ring insert can also be used in the freezer to make cold desserts. Place it into our Freezer Mates® Large Shallow 9¾-cup/2.25L or our Round Container.

Premium Product Warranty

This product has a Premium Product warranty. See details on our Warranty Policy.


This product contains carbon, total chromium, iron, manganese & manganese compounds, nickel & nickel compounds, phosphorus, and PFAS.

For more information about chemicals in this product, visit and

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