Round Cake Taker (While Supplies Last)

Round Cake Taker (While Supplies Last)

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The perfect storage, carrying and serving solution for your cakes and much more!

Our exclusive round cake carrier is the ideal solution to store, but also safely transport and serve, all your favorite pastries from decorated pies, cheesecakes, muffins, to even taller layer cakes or cupcakes.


  • Optimal storage for your pies, cheesecakes and even tall layer cakes or decorated cupcakes. The cover protects your pastries in the fridge or elsewhere.
  • Secure on the go – the slides' locking devices keep the cover securely attached to the tray.
  • Easy carrying, thanks to the large handle on the cover.
  • Showcase your desserts! Transparent cover allows your attractive and delicious creations to easily be seen while staying protected.


Our round cake carrier is the ideal solution to store, safely transport and serve all your favorite pastries up to 28 cm / 11 inches in diameter, from a decorated pie, cheesecake, muffins, to even tall layer cakes or cupcakes, up to 14 cm / 5.5 inches tall.

The Tupperware Cake Taker is also great for neatly presenting savory finger foods on the tray. The cover will allow you to protect your snacks and carry them securely to a Party. Also handy for taking to a picnic: arrange a mountain of party sandwiches on the server tray and carry to your favorite spot.

The cover safely attaches to the tray. On both sides, are two slots where the cover clicks firmly onto the tray using a locking mechanism.

The cover features a large comfortable handle so you can carry with confidence. Some napkins can even be placed underneath the handle.

Both sides of the tray can be used as an attractive and elegant serving tray:

  • The flat side has an etched finish that ensures the serving tray's attractive and stylish appearance can last the test of time by masking any unexpected surface scratches.
  • The side with the divided sections and raised edges can be used for keeping finger foods, snacks and party sandwiches separate when serving.

The soft, rounded handles on the tray fit nicely in hand for safe carrying when using without the cover.


Dimensions (Metric/ US):

H 17.8 x L 35.6 cm

H 7 x L 14 inch


  • Can be recycled
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Do not use sharp or metal utensils
  • Not freezer safe
  • Not safe for use in the microwave
  • Not safe for use in the oven


  • Full Product: W x H 7 x L Ø 14 cm / W x H 17.8 x L Ø 35.6 inch / V
  • Full Product: PP
  • Full Product: min Temp. 0 °C / 0 °F / max Temp. 0 °C / 0 °F / max Wattage

Use and Care

To lock the cover onto the tray: Place the cover on the tray so the handles align with the tray slots. Push the two small clips down so the cover locks onto the tray handles.

To limit scratches on the tray while cutting, use the Tupperware Pastry cutter and avoid using sharp knives or any other sharp metal tool.

Component Specific Full Product:

Tips & Life Hacks

Six sections are marked on the top of the tray to guide servings for equal portions. There are an additional 6 side dots to divide up to 12 portions.

When bringing your cakes to a Party: we strongly advise placing a sticker with your name on your Tupperware Cake Taker. This is to avoid someone falling in love with your Cake Taker and accidentally taking it! ;-)

No time for baking and opted instead to buy a fresh cake at the pastry store/bakery? Bring your Cake Taker and avoid the disposable store packaging. Every action for the environment counts: be proud of it!

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