Modular Bowls Medium Set

Modular Bowls Medium Set

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A set of classic Tupperware bowls, they are modular, sheer to see through, attractive for serving and have the same seal for all the sizes.

Key features and benefits

  • the sheer see-through bowls are finely textured on the outside, with polished bands on opposite sides to display the foods for serving and so you can clearly see the contents in the refrigerator.
  • the clean simple lines of the design, continuous rim and highly polished interior are features which give the bowls style and stability.
  • the colorful seals are airtight and fit on the bowls as all classic round seals, locking in freshness and flavor. The seal is the same size for all three bowls.
  • the bowls are space saving for storing, modular with the Space Savers, with the diameter of the Squares and heights of modules 1, 1.5 and 2.
  • the bowls nest uniquely for space saving storage in any order, but particularly with the largest inside the medium, inside the small, so all sizes are visible at a glance and you don't have to search for the right one.


Fresh fruit salad - arrange several different fruits for a delicious flavor, sliced, cubed and whole, with the colors showing through the bowl.

Layered desserts - prepare layered desserts and trifles in these see-through bowls. There's a size to suit everyone, and a seal to protect it in the refrigerator until serving time.

Vegetable salads - serve a selection of salads in the bowls. They can be stacked in the refrigerator, keeping fresh and saving space. They also stack safely in the picnic hamper, boat or caravan.

Planned leftovers - seal leftovers, ready to use at another meal. A quick look in the refrigerator and you can see the foods stored and plan them into the menu.

Travelling Tupperware - Space Saver Bowls are lightweight and liquid-tight, ideal for carrying outdoors. Take food ready-prepared to the boat or the caravan, then you can relax and enjoy the day or the weekend away.


  • 1L 19cm ø x 6cm high
  • 1.5L x 9cm high
  • 2L x 11.7cm high

color/material sheer

PP bowl, LLDPE seal

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