Microwave Reheatable Cereal Bowls (While Supplies Last)

Microwave Reheatable Cereal Bowls (While Supplies Last)

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Your new breakfast partner!

Reach for our microwave cereal bowls to help prep your breakfast the night before! Our innovative microwave-safe bowls with lids make it easier than ever to plan a week of healthy morning dishes like overnight oats, chia pudding, or an egg frittata.


  • Breakfast Solved: Plan ahead and store in the fridge thanks to the tight closure seal or grab and eat straight away before starting your day! ​
  • Warm it up! Don't want to eat cold leftovers or soup? No need to stress with these bowls, simply take the seal off and reheat at a low temperature. ​
  • Ideal for anyone: Large tab makes it easy for anyone in the family to open and use!​
  • Take it with you: Thanks to the tight closure, you can take these cereal bowls wherever you go!


Our microwave-safe cereal bowls are your new go-to bowls for any meal of the day!

Prepare your breakfast, lunch or dinner the night before and have it ready to go the next day.
The large tab on the seal makes it easy for anyone in the family to use.
And any way up is the right way up when storing these sealed bowls, as the leakproof seals prevent spills.
The airtight seal will also help lock in freshness and flavor.
These bowls are perfect for cold dishes like yogurt or salad, but they’re also great for reheating your leftovers! Simply remove the seal before placing in the microwave.

Better still: our microwave bowl set nests for compact storage when not in use. Running late? No worries! These lightweight bowls are also great to take on the go.


  • Cheerful Breakfasts – The breakfast table is ideal for these useful bowls. You can even save time by putting the breakfast cereals in the bowls the night before, sealed to keep crisp and crunchy. Or use for yogurt, fruit, oatmeal, eggs and so much more.
  • Microwave Ready – Easily reheat your leftovers in the microwave using our Cereal Bowls! Just make sure to remove the seal before microwaving.
  • Salad preparation – Keep your salad dressing in one container and add the salad ingredients to your cereal bowl for a healthy lunch.
  • Picnic Lunches – Fill bowls with salads, sandwiches, cold meats, fresh fruit or cheese and crackers, and everything will be ready to eat as fresh as when they left the kitchen. The bowls are easy to pack and carry, while the seals will keep the ice out when placed in a cooler.
  • Fridge Freshness – Leftovers stay fresh when sealed in the Cereal Bowls! Cleaning up after a meal has never been easier when you have the right containers to store leftovers.
  • Children's Parties – The bowls are for handy for children as they won't tip over so easily and, of course, they're unbreakable. Some of the food can be prepared ahead and sealed until the party time.


Dimensions (Metric/ US):

H 5 x L 16 cm

H 2 x L 6.4 inch

Volume (Metric / US):

Bowl: 500 ml / 2 cup

Max Wattage:

Bowl: 600 watts


  • Can be recycled
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Do not use sharp or metal utensils
  • Not freezer safe
  • Not safe for use in the oven
  • Bowl: Safe for use in the microwave
  • Seal: Not safe for use in the microwave


  • Bowl: W x H 2 x L Ø 6.4 cm / W x H 5 x L Ø 16 inch / V 2 cup
  • Seal: W x H x L Ø cm / W x H x L Ø inch / V
  • Bowl: PP
  • Seal: PE
  • Bowl: min Temp. 0 °C / 0 °F / max Temp. 0 °C / 0 °F / max Wattage 600
  • Seal: min Temp. 0 °C / 0 °F / max Temp. 0 °C / 0 °F / max Wattage

Use and Care

Remove seal before microwaving and use low wattage (max 600 watts) for limited time (start with 1 min).

Component Specific Bowl: Seal:
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