Vintage Measuring Cups

Vintage Measuring Cups

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Always have the right size for any recipe!

Our kitchen measuring cups will complete every kitchen and are a must-have for all your cooking and baking needs! With 6 measuring cups, you'll always have the right size for any recipe. Baking has never been so easy.

Measure ingredients with ease with Measure Mate’s perfect blend of style and everyday functionality. The pouring spouts on either side of the cups allow for left- or right-handed use without making a mess.

Measuring sets make an affordable and thoughtful gift for new homeowners, college-bound students or to celebrate a kitchen renovation!


  • Recipe relief! - With 6 sizes of cups to choose from, you will always have the right measuring tool for any recipe!
  • Ergonomic design - Pouring spouts on both sides make the measuring cups suitable for both left- and right-handed use.
  • Compact storage - The measuring cups nest together and will fit in any kitchen drawer.


1/4 cup / 50ml H 25.89mm x W 71.45mm x L 130.73mm
1/3 cup / 75ml H 30.06mm x W 75.13mm x L 132.57mm
1/2 cup / 110ml H 39.19mm x W 78.95mm x L 134.48mm
2/3 cup / 150ml H 45.88mm x W 82.97mm x L 136.49mm
3/4 cup / 175ml H 46.01mm x W 87.07mm x L 138.54mm
1 cup / 230ml H 54.59mm x W 91.07mm x L 140.54mm

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