Essential Oil Duo

Essential Oil Duo

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One of each oil scent. 80% Savings.

Bring the outside in. This bundle includes 2 of each of our essential oils, made from 100% natural ingredients to create a sensationally fragrant atmosphere.

Happy Breeze™ Essential Oil

An energizing and refreshing 100% natural blend featuring fresh zesty lime, rich and herbaceous bergamot, warm and fresh ginger. 0.34 oz / 10 mL

Spring Bloom™ Essential Oil

A calming and replenishing 100% natural blend featuring calming and fruity chamomile, relaxing and floral geranium, soothing sandalwood. 0.34 oz / 10 mL

    Use Instructions

    Fill your diffuser with water, add in 5-8 drops of Tupperware Home™ Essential Oils blend, close the upper cover and switch on. Please refer to the diffuser user guide for detailed instructions.


    Essential oils are sold as-is and are not eligible for any type of warranty, replacement or credit.

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