Eco+ Sandwich Keepers 2-Piece Set (While Supplies Last)

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The best thing to happen to sandwiches since sliced bread!

This hinged one-piece contai...

The best thing to happen to sandwiches since sliced bread!

This hinged one-piece container is square-shaped and perfectly sized to keep your sandwiches fresh and smush-free, and is deep enough to hold hearty sized breads and filled sandwiches. 

Simple, compact design with softly curved edges and easy to open and close tab keeps your sandwich secure and easily slips into your briefcase, handbag or kids' backpack. 

And the sandwich container’s one-piece construction means no seals to keep track of or lose!

Think outside the kitchen! Sandwich keepers are also great for storing and organizing Kids’ treasures, craft supplies, phone accessories, first aid supplies, makeup and more.



  • Dimensions (Metric/ US):
    W 13.3 x L 14.5 - cm
    W 5.25 x L 5.7 - inch


  • Smush-free: No more smushed sandwiches or any other contents thanks to the hard container. 
  • Easy to open and close: The clasp was designed to make it super easy to open and close for little ones, grown-ups and everyone in between!
  • Keeper that keeps on giving: Your keeper can hold more than just food! It is perfect for traveling; keep all your charging cords in one place, use as a first aid kit, a make-up case or even store toys for your kids to keep them entertained!
  • Fits in most sizes of bags: Thanks to its slim design it can easily fit in most purses, backpacks or briefcase.

  • BPA Free

  • Dishwasher Safe

  • Do Not Use in Microwave

  • Do not use sharp or metal utensils

  • Limited Lifetime Warranty


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Get creative and snap two open Sandwich Keepers together and make one large keeper!

With two Sandwich Keeper Squares, you can create a set of two keepers attached together:

  • Open two Sandwich Keepers and lay them flat on the table or countertop
  • Use one keeper as the base and flip the other one on top, then clip together on both sides.
  • Now your two Sandwich Keeper Squares are attached together and your contents are safe and secure!

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