Counterscaping Dry Containers

Counterscaping Dry Containers

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The best friend for your spices and seasonings! 

The Condiserve 580ml spice jar with spoon is ideal to store and measure dried stock, dried herbs or spices, homemade aromatic salt, homemade vanilla powder sugar, starch, tapioca, or semolina for babies. It’s also perfect for seasoning pastes like homemade peanut butter, miso, chili paste, jerk seasoning, or mole paste. Besides spices, you can also use to store and serve sprinkles, croutons, chocolate chips and all kinds of small dry ingredients.

The screw cover offers a tight closure to keep your dry goods fresh and flavorful

The removable spoon with 2.5ml / ½ tsp. capacity clips onto the lid of these handy spice canisters for added convenience. It helps keep hands out of the salt and pepper for a more hygienic way to spice things up as you wish.

These durable containers are the best solution if you buy your seasoning in bulk. They help you save money and reduce unnecessary packaging, helping the planet.

Variety is the spice of life – you can’t have too many of these spice containers:

  • Fill one set of round spice containers with staples like salt and pepper and keep them near your stovetop for easy, mess-free spicing while you cook. 
  • Keep an extra set in the pantry with less frequently used spices like red pepper, dried garlic, or meat seasoning. 
  • Keep a third set on the table for everyone in the family to reach. The spoon on each container helps keep hands out of the salt and pepper for a more hygienic way to spice things up as you wish.


Dimensions (Metric/ US):
H 8.9 x L 11 cm
H 3.5 x L 4.3 inch

Volume (Metric / US):
580 ml / 2 1/2 cup



  • Hand wash
  • Not dishwasher safe
  • Not freezer safe
  • Not safe for use in the microwave


  • Keep your spices fresh for longer with the tight-closing screw cap.
  • More hygienic thanks to the removable spoon, no more fingers in your salt, pepper and spices.
  • Always handy yet elegant, the clear transparent base makes it easy to view contents. Kept on your countertop close to your stove, you’re ready to spice up all your favorite dishes.
  • Save money and take action for the planet: buy bulk without packaging by using these durable spice jars. 

Tips & Life Hacks

Create your own homemade seasoning blends just by combining the ingredients in the Condiserve 580ml, and have them ready to spice up your daily favorites in the blink of an eye.

  • Italian Herb Seasoning: 10 tbsp dried oregano, 5 tbsp dried basil, 5 tbsp dried parsley, 7 tbsp onion, powder, 4 tbsp garlic powder, 5 tsp coarse kosher salt, 5 tsp crushed red pepper.
  • Seasoned Salt: 240ml / 1 cup kosher salt, 2 tbsp ground black pepper, 3 tbsp ground paprika, 3 tbsp garlic powder, 120ml / ¼ cup onion powder, 2 tbsp ground thyme.
  • Steak & Chop Seasoning: 120ml / ½ cup black pepper, 180ml / ¾ cup dried minced onion, 6 tbsp garlic powder, 3 tbsp caraway seeds, 1 tsp crushed red pepper flakes, 60 ml / ¼ cup coarse kosher salt.
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