Fresh 'N Cool 12-Pc. Stack Pack

Fresh 'N Cool 12-Pc. Stack Pack

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Ready, set, meal prep! Get a head start on a healthy week.

Fresh ‘N Cool™ containers are the handy must-have containers every kitchen needs. They're multi-purpose for dry goods or liquids, they look good, and they can be used in your refrigerator, just as well as in your pantry. 

Color-coordinated sets make meal prep a cinch—just grab today's color and mealtime is on its way. 

Set includes three each of 2-cup/470 mL Small, 4⅓-cup/1 L Medium, 6½-cup/1.5 L Large, and 4⅓-cup/1 L Rectangular containers with seals.


Fresh ‘N Cool™ containers have a unique, eye shape for easy grabbing and easy pouring: they pour as neatly as a pitcher. They're just right for daily use stashing leftovers, keeping snacks handy, and organizing ingredients to streamline cooking. Prepping ahead is easy with the right containers on hand.

Their modular design lets them stack efficiently in your cupboard or fridge, and they nest into each other when not in use. A ridge on the lids matches an indentation on the bottom of the container for secure stacking. The lids of Small, Medium, and Large can also swap among containers.


  • Unique shape: Two rounded corners in the eye-shaped design of the Fresh ‘N Cool™ container make it easy to hold while two pointed corners facilitate pouring.
  • Modular: Same seal fits all vertical containers. Two verticals fit across top of horizontal.
  • Secure stacking: Circular ridge on seals fit into indents on container bottoms to prevent sliding when stacked in fridge or pantry.
  • Easy open: large tab on seals
  • No lip: Container sides are one straight surface up to the seals. They don't have a lip at the top to catch water during washing or take up space.
  • Transparent material: contents clearly visible
  • Compact storage: Containers nest together.


Dimensions (Metric/US):

seals attached:
small: W 13.2 x H 6.2 x L 14.6 cm
W 5.2 x H 2.4 x L 5.75 inch

medium: W 13.2 x H 12.6 x L 14.6 cm
W 5.2 x H 5 x L 5.75 inch

large: W 13.2 x H 19.1 x L 14.6 cm
W 5.2 x H 7.5 x L 5.75 inch

rectangular: W 13.2 x H 6.2 x L 29.2 cm
W 5.2 x H 2.4 x L 11.5 inch

Volume (Metric/US):

small: 470 mL/2 cups
medium: 1 L/4⅓ cups
large: 1.5 L/6½ cups
rectangular: 1 L/4⅓ cups

Material: PP, PE

Color: Pink Punch, Papaya, Salsa Verde


  • Dishwasher safe
  • Not suitable for microwave or freezer
  • Allow food to cool before pouring it into the container.
  • Seals are not leakproof.
  • Approved for food use
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