Power Chef™ Premium System

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Product Details

Two great prep products work together to create years of delicious meals and treats.

Product Details

Two great prep products work together to create years of delicious meals and treats. Includes Power Chef® 5¾-cup/1.35 L base with anti-skid ring, Chop 'N Prep 1¼-cup/300 mL anti-skid base, pull-cord cover, adaptor ring, three curved blades, three straight blades, paddle whisk, funnel with measurements, two blade protectors and two airtight, liquid-tight seals.

  • In Salt Water Taffy/Sugar
  • Quality Warranty. This product is warranted to be free of manufacturing defects for up to one year after purchase.

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Stay Away 2/2/2019
Reviewer: Jerri
This was a great product when I first got it. I mainly used it to chop small veggies like onions, jalapenos, etc. I would go a few months without using it at all, then would have irregular light use, so on and so forth. After about 5 months of non-use, I took it out of the cabinet to use and the pulley was stripped and would not turn the blade. This cost too much money for it to go to the trash looking almost brand-new. Great concept, but I will look elsewhere for it. BBB and WW have small ones now that are less than half the price.
Fun and Easy to Use - March 12, 2013 3/12/2018
Reviewer: LAVONNE
I'm Lucy! I have Special Needs! Sometimes I get to help make things in the kitchen. There's lots of Tupperware in there. The Power Chef Chopper is one of my favorite things to use and make stuff with. I don't cry when it cuts onions. It makes really good Salsa, all my friends tell me its good enough to sell. Anyway, we have had it for about 2 and one half years and it works great. Maybe I can make a cake with it today.
Stay Away- Junk 10/9/2017
Reviewer: Michelle
DO NOT BUY- the cord on the pull broke after only a dozen uses throughout the year. It broke within warranty period, but because the parts for this product are not in the replacement index and I didn't have time the day it broke (within warranty) to call since the parts aren't indexed, AND I still had to deal with a nearly failed dish, I called days later, outside of the 1 year warranty for the "customer service rep" to tell me too bad, so sad. Absolute waste of $70!!!! Will not purchase from Tupperware again, because of this issue. I'm clearly not the first one to have this issue, parts aren't listed online and thereby makes the process more difficult, and Tupperware customer service is a joke.
This product will make you hate Tupperware.
How does it work? 7/25/2017
Reviewer: RONNIE
I would like to see a tutorial added to this page so when customer shop online they can learn how to use products like this one.
Fantastic Product, Makes Prep Super-Fast and Easy! 6/3/2017
Reviewer: G.
I bought this product to make ceviche. It made quick work of chopping all the ingredients. I've also used it to chop veggies for homemade pizza. Now I'm using it to chop up apples and nuts for salads and homemade cookies. It makes chopping easy! I can make items as coarse or as fine as I like depending on how many times I pull the lever. Even my little three year old boy son helps me cook by using the Power Chef System! I would definitely recommend this product.
Great product but not worth the money 4/27/2017
Reviewer: Corina
I did love my Power Chef system. I have used it for the last 2-2 1/2 years, not a ton but a fair amount and it worked great. It made great salsa, and I loved chopping my onions and peppers in it. But a few months ago the pull cord started like stripping and won't turn the blade. So like I said it was a great product but not worth that much money if it is going to break in a year or two with only light-medium use. When I called customer service they informed me it only had a 1 year warranty instead of the lifetime warranty. Just disappointed that I cannot even get a replacement part to fix it.
Easy product 5/17/2016
Reviewer: Nurgul
I love lower chef,it's very easy to use and to clean.
Must have 4/16/2016
Reviewer: April
I love to no matter if it's at home or on the job! I made soup and tacos at work and got all my vegetables preped in less then five minutes with this handy little tool! Easy clean up also!! A must have for people with time limits!!