New Tupperware® Glass & Bamboo Jars


Sustainability Minded

Good for your home. Good for our world. The new Tupperware® Glass & Bamboo Jars are made from 100% bamboo and certified by Forest Stewardship Council (FSC®) which supports environmental stewardship, so you can feel good about this product in your home.

FSC® certification means the bamboo material is sustainably sourced and supports responsible forest management.


Food Freshness

With BambooShield, the tight lids keep freshness in and odors out.

The pull-style lids are easy to open and close, and the jars are designed to stack securely for space-efficient food storage.

Multi-Purpose Storage

Tupperware® Glass & Bamboo Jars aren't just for dry food storage, but can also be used to store other household items beautifully.

From reusable makeup applicators to hairbrushes and more, you can proudly show off your vanity or home with functional jars that elevate any space.