FAQ - Tupperware Home Essential Oils

Can Tupperware Home essential oils be consumed as a supplement or applied on the skin?
The Tupperware Oil blend is developed to be used with the diffuser. We do not recommend application on the skin or consumption as a supplement.

Can we mix or blend the Tupperware Home Happy Breeze or Spring Bloom essential oils?
We do not recommend mixing or blending. Each of the Tupperware Home essential oil is uniquely crafted to bring you a perfect aroma. Check out both of them individually!

How do I store the essential oil?
Keep in a cool, dry place and avoid direct sunlight or extreme heat, which will cause it to degrade

Is Tupperware Home essential oil range free from animal testing and animal extracted ingredients?
Yes, Mother Nature is core to the Tupperware commitment, are made of responsible and sustainable materials. The Tupperware Home essential oils are Cruelty Free and Vegan.

What is the recommended Tupperware Home essential oils usage amount for the diffuser?
We recommend 5-8 drops of the essential oils to bring out the ultimate aromatic experience

What is “PureDistill?”
PureDistill Premium Oil is made up of the most exclusive, finest qualities of ingredients at the highest standards awarded by the perfumers.

Are Tupperware Home oils safe to diffuse in a home with pets?
Tupperware fragrances are made up of a 100% natural blend and are formulated without parabens, formaldehydes, phthalates, gluten, animal products, mineral oil and sulfates. Since pets may react differently to certain types of scents (even if all the ingredients are natural), it is recommended to check with your veterinarian if this is a concern.

What is “PureDistill”?
PureDistill Premium Oil is made up of the most exclusive, finest qualities of ingredients at highest standards awarded by the perfumers

Product expiration date –what does it mean?
All natural product has an expiry date and natural oil blend is no exception. Over time, the oil blends can oxidize and lose their effectiveness over time due to oxidization, temperature and exposure to light. All our natural oil blends come with the expiry date on the packaging for your easy reference