Microwave Pasta Maker


Product Details

Prepare perfect pasta in the microwave in just a few minutes! No need to wait for boiling water and no messy overflow on your stovetop.

Product Details

Prepare perfect pasta in the microwave in just a few minutes! No need to wait for boiling water and no messy overflow on your stovetop. Cover doubles as a strainer, simply turn over to drain and have a hearty family meal on the table in no time.

  • Cook, strain and toss all with one versatile product
  • 8 cup/1.9 L
  • In Rhubarb/Royal Amethyst
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty

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Video Link https://www.youtube.com/embed/_AhKrH7IQcw?autoplay=1

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Dangerous 4/29/2019
Reviewer: Luci
I bought this item a few years ago in blue. I've used this dozens of times, because it's so convenient. I use it according to the directions and always use oven mitts to take it out of the microwave. Twice now, I have had serious blistering burns when the water splashed back and came through the space between the lid and the base. The first time I assumed it was my error, so I've been especially careful since, but last week it happened a second time (smaller but still painful with a quarter sized blister). This product is going out. Even a small chance of a burn like this is too much for me.
WORKS GREAT 2/6/2019
Reviewer: DAVID
I read a lot of startlingly negative reviews on here, so wanted to add one true, honest to goodness one. This product works exactly as advertised. You dump in the pasta, fill it with water to the line, and put in microwave. 12 mins for spaghetti, and then you can take it out without pot holders, drain, and store. The inside is coated so it is easy to clean. It is not exactly see-through, but semi-transparent. I never use the big pot of boiling water and colander anymore and am glad! The pasta is always fine, you don't have to add hot water, and I think it's rather ingenious. The more Tupperware I get the more magical I realize it is. I mean really top notch design and quality.
I like it 7/28/2018
Reviewer: Glenda
I like compact size. Easy to wash and store. There are markings inside for measuring the noodles and water. The spaghetti came out cooked perfectly.
Very disappointed 7/6/2018
Reviewer: Terri
The microwave pasta maker took longer than boiling water and the spaghetti noodles did not cook evenly (our microwave even rotates.). Very dissatisfied. Also, I waited past the 30 days to contact the company, so I was out the $30+.
Great 8/27/2017
Reviewer: ELAINE
I bought this and love it. Cooks noodles fast and strains them. Like so much bought one for my grandson's college house.
Can't live without it! 4/30/2017
Reviewer: Suzanne
When I bought it, I was skeptical. But this is THE BEST THING! I will never boil water in a pan to cook pasta again! Spaghetti, linguine, penne, macaroni...it all comes out perfectly! Want quick mac-n-cheese? Start with cold water and dry pasta and in the time it takes to make your cheese sauce, the pasta is ready to mix in.

Can't live without this product!