Microwave Breakfast Maker Set


Product Details

Includes Breakfast Maker for omelets, oatmeal and French toast.

Product Details

Does your morning rush mean you can’t break for breakfast? No need to slow down—this Maker will give you a fast, healthy jump start. Includes Breakfast Maker for omelets, oatmeal and French toast. Plus two Inserts for poached eggs and egg patties.

  • In Rhubarb/Royal Amethyst
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty

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Video Link https://www.youtube.com/embed/edhQyHKcsKo?autoplay=1

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Breakfast maker 4/30/2019
Reviewer: Sandra
For those who have experienced “eggsplosion”, try poking the yolks once with a fork.
Just ok... 2/28/2019
Reviewer: Joanne
It makes the omelets very nicely but it is not non-stick! I have to scrap the eggs out. Also tried poached eggs twice and they blew up in my microwave both times.
Breakfast and more 1/27/2019
Reviewer: Susan
This makes more then eggs. French toast, muffins and brownies have been made in mine and there’s so much more I have to try yet. I showed my Mother how this worked and she bought a set. She told her hair dresser about them and I need to get her a set. Yes eggs too I’ve made poached eggs in under a minute. A fast and good breakfast can b whipped up on busy/every morning. Clean up there is no mess just wipes out with a swish of the dish cloth.
Wonderful 10/1/2018
Reviewer: Patricia
These things are wonderful - even my husband can use them. Quick and easy way to make eggs for a breakfast wrap. Easy clean up. I will be watching for specials to get a couple more sets for my daughters!
Reviewer: Elizabeth
I received the breakfast maker as a free gift for hosting a party. I had not used it until this week when my husband and I both started working Full time. I have used it every morning this week to make our egg mc-muffins for breakfast.....so much easier and way cheaper than going to McDonalds! I definitely would recommend this product to anyone. I am excited to find more recipes and try them out.
Easiest omelet maker EVER' 10/7/2017
Reviewer: Becki
I bought this awhile back and hadn’t used it yet. It is SO simple. Mixed up 3 large eggs and a little cheese. Added pepper and poured into the cooker. Set my 1200 watt microwave at 70% power and set for 3 minutes. First time using. Result? Fluffy, excellent omelet. Easy clean up. What could be better? I would buy this all over and I see some as gifts in the future for my single grandsons.
Love it 8/23/2017
Reviewer: Beth
I'm new to Tupperware and this is the best one yet. Use it for my daughter to make her an omlet before school. Plus its easy it use and quick clean up.
Breakfast Maker a No Show 8/3/2017
Reviewer: Debra
Would love to review this item............if it is ever shipped!!!! Placed an order for this 5 days ago and have not received any communication from Tupperware. When I log into my account, there is no record of any orders................yet Tupperware charged my credit card the day I ordered. Bad Business Tupperware!
Love my Little Breakfast Maker! 8/1/2017
Reviewer: Danielle
I use this several times a week to make a quick egg breakfast. Omelets are yummy and easy. I steam the veggies a little before adding my egg mixture. Be careful when poaching, or you will end up with an "egg-plosion" in your microwave. That's happened to me 2x!
breakfast maker 7/13/2017
Reviewer: Annette
l love the breakfast maker made poached eggs they were wonderful, so excited to try other recipes such as scrambled eggs, french toast, omlets and whatever other recipes I can find. will be getting another very soon!!
FANTASTIC 3/2/2017
Reviewer: JODY
I got mine free for hosting a party a few yrs ago (no inserts at the time) used it for omelets and steaming asparagus. I purchased the inserts when they came out and love steaming 2 eggs at the same time for our egg "mc-muffins" .
Reviewer: Melissa
I just went to my very first Tupperware party last week and purchased the breakfast baker... it NOW comes with the 2 inserts to do poached eggs!! ( $29) It did used to only be sold separately, so when you order your breakfast baker, your consultant should order your inserts to be sent to you. Like I said, I have had this one week.... I have made brownies in it twice and scrambled egg bake once. This thing is great! I can't wait to find other things to bake in it.
Rip off 10/8/2016
Reviewer: Linda
I was at a recent party and ordered the breakfast maker SET that clearly states it comes with egg inserts. I even asked if they came with the inserts and was told yes. My order arrived and they were not included. I assure you I would not have paid $29 for a plastic omelet maker. I wanted this product as pictured and have been told I have to order the inserts separately. Won't do it and will never buy another piece of Tupperware again!
Best. Thing. EVER! 7/30/2016
Reviewer: Jen
I LOVE the Breakfast Maker!

I use this for everything and the time that it saves makes it well worth the price. You can have 2 fully cooked eggs in 2 minutes - no fuss, no muss. If you need to reheat something, this is your Huckleberry! I don't know what magic it is made from, but it takes less time to reheat everything- and it keeps it moist!

It's so easy to clean up too - and you can eat right out of it if you want. For me, this was a game changer. I can now eat breakfast without breaking out a pan, a dish, turning on the stove, cleaning up multiple things, and all that jazz.
Love My Breakfast Maker 6/13/2016
Reviewer: Deanna
I just can't say enough about my Breakfast Maker. I love, love, love it. It truly makes the best omelette ever in 2 minutes. No mess, No skillets to wash. And my daughter it to. This is great for adults and teens.