Product Details

Handy and high-grade tool helps you quickly and easily slice fruits and vegetables so you can make super-fast salads and slaws, plentiful potato dishes and so much more.

Product Details

Handy and high-grade tool helps you quickly and easily slice fruits and vegetables so you can make super-fast salads and slaws, plentiful potato dishes and so much more. Included instructions show you how to create eight different shapes: slices, sticks, diamonds, waffles, cubes, julienne, crinkle slices and crinkle sticks. Legs fold for compact storage and blades store safely in included blade case. This super slicer is also safe to use: nonskid feet keep it stable while food guider protects your hand.

  • In Chili/Jet Black/Snow White/Stainless
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Quality Warranted products are not covered by Limited Lifetime Warranty.

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AMAZING! 6/4/2019
Reviewer: Denise
I cannot imagine kitchen life without my Tupperware manolin! I have owned, no less than, six other mandolins. This blows all the others out of the water. Not only is it far more versatile but it slices with such ease! I love the laminated guide to show how to achieve the different cuts. The protective hand shield works far better than my past ones as well. It does take a while to figure it out (as with all kitchen gadgets) but once you get it - it will be the only way you want to slice and dice!
If I could less than zero stars, I would 2/3/2019
Reviewer: Anita
No instructions. No cleaning advice. I spent a lot of money on this piece of junk and Tupperware cannot even be bothered to have real instructions on how to use it. A stupid video blaring what passes for music doesn't cut it. Perhaps it works. My guesses on how to make it actually cut decently isn't working, but with no instructions, who knows? I'm incredibly disappointed.
Save your money and buy an alternative, this is NOT worth it. 10/24/2018
Reviewer: Ashlea
I got this, thankfully, as a gift from my mother in law who has been on a Tupperware binge lately. I was excited for it because she made many claims of hearing that it worked wonderfully and would be great for me because of my arthritis since I struggle with excessive slicing and chopping. Upon receiving it, I read all of the instructions and set it up to give it a whirl- to my disappointment, NOTHING I tried was "easy" to slice. I tried both with and without the mini blades up (meant for cubing, what you're slicing passes first through the mini blades and then through the actual slicer bit). First, I tried an onion, something that routinely gives me a nightmare time to cut on my own. I struggled really hard to get it to pass through the mini blades, in fact I nearly sliced my arm on them trying my best to get my onion to pass through them. With a LOT of struggle (much more, might I add, than just actually slicing the onion myself with a knife) it finally passed through only because it BENT the mini blades aside and ended up just a giant chunk of a mess that I had to cut up myself anyway.

No matter, despite the onion being a particularly soft one, I decided to try something even softer: an apple. Again, it was an unbelievable struggle to get the apple past the first set of blades, by the time I had finished the whole apple, it resembled a sadly beat up ugly chunk, nothing like the beautiful presentable pieces I was promised from various adverts and a personal claim from our 'host'. Even without the mini blades being used, the slicer itself does an extremely subpar job for the price and I've had a lot more success with cheaper brands, and I would not recommend this product to anyone. Please save yourself the money and do not purchase this product.