Large Hourglass Salt and Pepper Shakers


Product Details

Easy to grip with hinged seal that keeps contents fresh.

Product Details

Easy to grip with hinged seal that keeps contents fresh.

  • 3/4-cup/177 mL.
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Natural with Tokyo Blue seals and caps
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty

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Old and New 9/14/2019
Reviewer: Virginia
I think it is made cheaper and higher priced but I love my OLD Tupperware. The new not so much. Rubber Maid accually has one out there just as good. It has heavier lids than the regular plastic bowls but it is great bought a set at Sams and love it. It’s not near as expensive but I use my Tupperware don’t get me wrong but it’s got out of hand
Lids don't fit right 8/14/2019
Reviewer: Holly
I bought these for my mother-in-law and they are not very good (like they used to be). This is the second set I bought her in 26 years. The top part that closes down doesn't seal. Its too small to fit over the opening. She is quite disappointed in them.
much cheaper than they used to be 8/14/2019
Reviewer: Misti
Yes, Tupperware, these are made out of much cheaper material now than you were using in the 1980s. I have a set from way back, and they are a little bigger and a higher quality plastic. I'll still use my new ones, but I think it's sad that everyone is making such inferior quality products now compared to what they used to. I wish you would resist the urge to cheapen your products, and stick to quality over quantity. (You would still make a very nice profit using the best materials.) At the very least, when you cheapen your products, lower the price to match the new, dollar-store quality.
Salt n pepper lids 7/13/2019
Reviewer: Carla
Need replacement lids for my shakers. Can I order them please?
Mold #?? 6/14/2019
Reviewer: kim
I need the mold # for a warranty claim and am at work, salt shaker is at home. Any help?
Replacement 6/7/2019
Reviewer: Debbie
Hi. I have the original white set. Need replacement tops, HELP! 5/14/2019
Reviewer: Deborah
I have the large clear lids, salt & pepper shakers. The shakers are peeling and discolored and one lid cracked and is broken. I would like them replaced. Please email me if you can replacement them for me. TY
Reviewer: Tina
Please bring back the red lids. Is there a chance you will re-visit making Tupperware pieces with red lids, i.e. canisters, salt & pepper shakers, etc. ??? Thank you.
Concerning the large Salt Shakers 1/30/2019
Reviewer: Darlene
I had the large white ones with white lids for many years and have looked everywhere for them but there seems to be no colors to offer! Please have them make white with white lids!! You cant beat Tupperware!!
Thank you!!
White Tops 1/26/2019
Reviewer: M
Please bring back all white large salt and pepper shakers as an always item. Various colored tops are trendy.
Sea Green lids 12/29/2018
Reviewer: Kathy
I have some vintage hourglass shakers that are at least 29 years old. These shakers are the best. I just need some replacement lids. I would love to get the sea green lids. My shakers are the vintage white. I’m willing to buy the whole set if someone has the shakers with the lids. Any help on where o get lids would be awesome. These hourglass salt and pepper shakers are well worth the money.
Red seals 11/17/2018
Reviewer: Kari
So sorry! I was mistaken. The seals that I have are smaller. They fit on the Tupper mini (2 oz).
I have several sets in stock. please let me know if you would like a set of the mini's with the red seals. I would be happy to mail them to you for the cost of shipping (while quantities last) through the end of November 2018.

Kari Nass
message me at
Red seals 11/15/2018
Reviewer: Kari
Red tops....
I have spare red S&P shaker tops.
Message me at and I will mail you a set.
About red tops 11/12/2018
Reviewer: Irene
Just wanted people to know they have the red tops on ebay. The actual salt & pepper shakers are very high priced. 20.00 here is a good price.
Salt and pepper shakers 10/16/2018
Reviewer: Sheila
I want to replace mine, but the set comes with only a blue top, which doesn't fit my kitchen decor. My old ones had white tops.
Great set 10/10/2018
Reviewer: Patricia
I received my salt & pepper shakers today. They were as wonderful as the originals I had 40 years ago. (lost in my last move). In reading the other reviews I found people complaining about the tops not coming in RED...GET OVER IT. The color does not affect the quality of the item. Chill I'm sure there are many more pressing matters to tend to. My personal opinion.
bring back the OLD color - white/clear-- AND the old QUALITY 9/24/2018
Reviewer: Nancy
I had one set for 40 years! loved it. the hinged part finally wore out. the replacement- that I had to fight for under the "warranty" broke within a year. It was ORANGE and a hard plastic-- never worked right. SO much for lifetime.
Not a kitchen color 9/22/2018
Reviewer: Kathy
I love this set, I got them as a gift,but this color of blue matches nothing in kitchens. You need to check kitchen decor. Red is the color most used in kitchens. I'm sure your customers only buy them because of their function, not color. DO THEM IN RED !!!!#

Salt & Pepper Shakers 9/22/2018
Reviewer: Kathy
I love this Salt &Pepper set. I got them as a gift. I don't like blue, but I see that is the only color you have. Most kitchens have red or green. You need red ones. These just don't look good. I don't see anything in kitchens this color. You need to CHANGE to RED.

Worst Company 6/28/2018
Reviewer: Debra
Tupperware has become the worst company ever!!! I called several times to get my salt and pepper shakers replaced to no avail! They say they will replace the pepper shaker with a different color top! Who wants mixed matched salt & pepper shakers??? My Tupperware days are over!! I’ll find another company that respects its customers and try to fix a problem a customer has!!!!
Cheap Shakers 5/12/2018
Reviewer: Shelley
The littlest lid on each of these will not close unless you push with all your might! I could not close them myself! I have had these salt and pepper shakers for quite a while. I cannot tell you how long because I went in to see my orders, and it said “YOU HAVE PLACED NO ORDERS.”! I WAS HOPING the lids would GET EASIER over time. HOWEVER, THEY ARE STILL HARD! My Husband and children don’t even close the lids-they always leave them open! This defeats the reason why I purchased them AGAIN. (MY 3RD SET IN MORE THAN 40 YEARS!). I should have bought some at the Dollar Store! These are CHEAP! What has happened to Tupperware? Even the butter dish I purchased was CHEAP! ALSO, I HAVE TRIED CONTACTING TUPPERWARE IN THE PAST PROBABLY A DOZEN TIMES, AND THEY DO NOT REPLY BACK!!!! BBB?
salt pepper shackers 5/4/2018
Reviewer: Sharon
Ive had thease shakers for over 20 years i would like some new ones but and i have asked several times for red lids the most popular color in kitchens please make some red lids you might be surprised how many you will sell thank you